Content Auditing for Microsoft® Exchange Organisations
New Version 2!

The Corporate E-mail Auditing Tool!

How can you be sure that your e-mail system is being used the way it was intended?

What are your employees saying in their e-mail?

What are they spending their time reading?

Are you taking steps to manage your e-mail content?

Want to find out who is sending or receiving the newest e-mail viruses?


Product Features

New Features for Cameo 2.0:

Scan Internet e-mail. Matched messages are allowed to pass, but are copied to any address for review.

Scan internal e-mail! Over 70% of a typical company’s e- mail is internal. Only CAMEO (and CAMEO SMTP - available soon) check it!

Take direct control over e-mail already delivered! Search through any or all mailboxes looking for messages that match content you specify. Matched messages can be deleted (without user knowledge) or copied for review!

Enormous search capability. Over 200 words or phrases can be defined and searched for simultaneously!

Flexible reporting options. Every message match can be forwarded to a unique individual for review and action.

Selective scanning option, now users can select a distribution list of recipients that are to be excluded from message scanning.

Easy set up and operation.

And much more!


CAMEO 2.0 requires no additional servers or hardware and can be run from any workstation (Windows NT/2000). CAMEO doesn’t install into or on your Exchange servers, so it’s 100% safe and can be set up and running in minutes! Even the smallest network can easily afford CAMEO 2.0!


Cameo silently, discretely, and continuously audits e-mail content moving in and out of your organization:

to ensure it meets company policies;
to check that confidential information isn't being leaked;
to review incoming e-mail and automatically route the message based upon content;
to help ensure that personnel policies are being followed;
to catch email viruses;
to catch spam messages;
and much more!

Right now, e-mail use is a hot topic at nearly every company. Everyone wants e-mail and in particular Internet e-mail. The benefits are pretty obvious and most users appreciate them: more efficient communication, better access to and from customers, quicker turnaround than voicemail/faxes/US mail, etc.

If your legal and personnel departments have been after you for a solution to e-mail monitoring to help enforce corporate e-mail policies, or you’re trying to get a handle on junk going through your systems, you should definitely check CAMEO out.

Up to 200 key words and phrases can be entered for scanning.

Scan To:, From:, Subject Line as well as message body. Incoming, outgoing, or both incoming and outgoing messages can be scanned.

Platforms: Windows 2000 or NT.

Scanned messages can be either automatically deleted or moved after processing.

Uses advanced array search technology for enterprise-level performance.

Convenient QuickStart helps you get going in under 10 minutes.

Entirely workstation-based; no part of CAMEO needs to reside on your Exchange Server.

A simple check-box can be selected to scan for common profanity.

Status reports are mailed to the designated e-mail recipient that inform of system statistics including total messages scanned, matches found, and other key information.

When a match is found, the entire message including attachments is forwarded to the designated e-mail recipient.

Ability to process messages as they are sent. Can process hundreds of messages per minute. Simple user interface allows for rapid setup and configuration.

Multiple copies of CAMEO can be "cascaded" to look for an unlimited numbers of matches or to permit multiple users to scan for multiple sets of matches.

Can run continuously, waiting for new messages to be scanned.

In a nutshell, CAMEO "reads" all the mail going in or out through the Exchange IMS looking for matches to specified words or phrases - matched messages (including any attachments) are decoded and forwarded for review or action.


User Comments:

"I had my personnel director calling me today, and she was actually stuttering as she tried to describe what she was finding" - Joseph D., President


E-mail Facts and Figures:

The average e-mail user receives approximately 15 e-mail messages a day (EdWel Group)

The average e-mail user spends approximately 50 minutes reading those messages (EdWel)

Typically, half of the 15 messages require a response, which usually takes users an additional 60 minutes to perform (EdWel)

It takes anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes to send five messages (Tally Systems)

It costs organizations approximately one dollar to send 19 e-mail messages (Electronic Messaging Association, or EMA)

The cost of an e-mail system per user per year is $4,200 (Creative Networks)

On average, e-mail costs between two cents and 50 cents per message (Tally)

On average, faxing costs $1.50 per fax (Tally)

On average, telephone service costs $2 to $3 per call (Tally)

E-mail has grown 48 percent over the last year (Electronic Mail and Messaging Systems Journal)

Upon seeing the above information, many users are surprised at the cost of e-mail systems, but also surprised to see that the real costs of faxing, telephones, and US mail are considerably higher.


Product Benefits
Installation is done on a single workstation - this makes deployment super-fast and CAMEO does NOT interfere with your Exchange servers. The beauty of the product for system administrators is that matched messages are decoded and e-mailed off to someone else for review - not to you! If you’re tired of doing personnel’s job when it comes to e-mail, you’ll love this product.

Microsoft Exchange uses a series of connectors to facilitate message flow into different messaging systems and formats. In the Internet Mail Service connector, a feature called Message Archiving can be enabled. This permits Exchange to store a coded version of incoming or outgoing messages in special archive directories. CAMEO accesses these directories, decodes the messages, performs a scan of message content against a list of "key words," and then forwards matches to a designated e-mail address.

CAMEO scans the To:, From:, Subject:, and Message Body and can forward different matches to different addresses. This means that if you’re trying to find out which user is sending 30MB .avi files through the system, have those matches (".avi") forwarded to you. Matches to the word "resume" can be forwarded off to personnel.

CAMEO has a powerful engine that can easily scan 30,000 messages an hour and at a incredible low price, even smaller organizations can afford content auditing.


Images, Diagrams and Screen Shots

Cameo now allows you scan mailboxes
Cameo reporting after processing a single mailbox
Use Cameo to scan for critical words or extensions. Check all available fields in messages


White Papers, Documents and Other Files

The complete CAMEO FAQ (HTM - 128,251 bytes)
The complete CAMEO FAQ (PDF - 95,982 bytes)
CAMEO Product Brochure (PDF - 28,519 bytes)


Product Requirements

OS Platform Supported
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows NT4 Server (SP4 or higher)
Windows NT4 Workstation (SP4 or higher)

Minimum Hardware Required
CPU Pentium 300
RAM 128
HD (Install) 8MB
HD (Operating) 300MB

Additional Requirement Notes
CAMEO can be run from any workstation (Windows NT/2000). CAMEO doesn’t install into or on your Exchange servers, so it’s totally safe and can be set up and running in minutes! 192MB RAM for W2K and 128 for NT4.

FAQ's Click here for more detailed FAQ list

Q: I just downloaded the 30-day version. Is its functionality limited in any way?
A: Yes, there are a few limitations in the amount of messages and mailboxes that will be scanned during the trial. However, you will still have enough usage capability to evaluate CAMEO 2.0’s ability to scan Internet and internal e-mail messages in addition to the mailbox functionality. At the end of the 30-day period, the product operation will expire. Only 100 messages can be scanned at one time and the “Continuous Scan” option will be disabled. During the Mailbox Scan, 10 mailboxes will be scanned.

Q: Does CAMEO need to be installed on each user
A: No. CAMEO only needs to be installed on a single workstation.

Q: What is necessary to run CAMEO 2.0?
A: The great thing about CAMEO 2.0 is that is doesn’t need to be installed on your Exchange Server! This makes it safe and easy to try. There is configuration required on the Exchange server (to enable features that Microsoft has turned off by default) and you’re ready to start scanning. CAMEO 2.0 must be installed on a Windows NT or 2000 workstation.

Q: Does CAMEO get installed as part of Exchange?
A: No, CAMEO by design is totally non-invasive and simply runs on any workstation.

Q: How do I configure CAMEO 2.0 in a multi-site environment?
A: If your organization has multiple sites, MicroData recommends installing one copy of CAMEO 2.0 at each site. CAMEO 2.0 is licensed per mailbox and not per installed copy, so your organization can install as many instances of CAMEO 2.0 as desired.

Q: What’s the ideal configuration for running CAMEO 2.0?
A: CAMEO 2.0 runs from a standard workstation, so the ideal scenario would be to install it on a lightly used or unused PC (Pentium II 450 or better recommended) and just leave it to scan messages 24-hours a day.

Q: Can I select what part of the email message I would like CAMEO 2.0 to scan?
A: Yes, you can choose for CAMEO 2.0 to scan for a word selective parts of messages such as the addresses, subject, body text or attachment name. Or you may select to scan every part of the message. This option can be set on a word-by-word basis in the Critical Word List.

Q: Can CAMEO 2.0 audit internal mail?
A: Yes, MicroData CAMEO products are the only ones in the market that have the ability to audit internal (desk to desk) e-mail scanning for critical words. When words are found, CAMEO forwards copies of the messages to the designated recipient(s) for review.

Q: Can CAMEO 2.0 audit Internet mail?
A: Yes, CAMEO 2.0 still has the functionality of auditing Internet mail messages searching for critical words.

Q: CAMEO can stop viruses? How?
A: Yes! CAMEO catches Email viruses BEFORE they infect!

Since CAMEO scans message content, it's able to detect many viruses that transmit through e-mail. For example, there are two very destructive viruses and CAMEO can see them coming into an organization or going out. Once detected, IT can take action to stop the virus before it propagates. Importantly, using CAMEO lets IT see who sent the message and where it was going - important info for fighting viruses.

The first virus is the W32/ExploreZip (or worm.pak, MiniZip Worm, I- Worm.ZippedFiles). CAMEO will pick up messages carrying this virus by searching for the attachment "zipped_files.exe" - this is the file that actually delivers the virus once a user selects it.

The second virus is the W97M.Antisocial (or W97M.Melissa.W, W97M.Prilissa.A). This is a destructive virus that delivers its code through an attachment. Having CAMEO search for "This document is very Important and you've GOT to read this !!!" will find this virus and permit IT to see who sent it and who it was delivered to.



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