Take control of wasted space and get back your wasted time.

You know quotas and screens are extremely effective at controlling the quantity and quality of data on your servers. But once legitimate files get past these two gateways, they’re sitting on your servers for good--even if the files are duplicate, oversized, or the user never accesses them again.

Product Features

Identify the perpetrators and regain wasted space.

Get to the root of your storage management problems and regain up to 30% of your storage server space – or more. DiskAdvisor includes 35 standard reports on wasted space, quotas, disk-space usage and file security, and the Custom Report Writer function creates numerous additional reports.


DiskAdvisor helps you get a grip on it by revealing the causes of your wasted disk space:

Duplicate files Costing you twice as much to store, backup, and recover
Outdated files Often have 2, 3, even 4 years or more since created or last accessed
Oversized files The 80/20 rule may be affecting your storage space
Insecure files Mismatched file owner and directory owner could add to the problem
Space usage by user, group, share, quota, or directory

And you’re in charge of DiskAdvisor, too. You can choose to run DiskAdvisor reports in batch mode or on the fly to accommodate your work schedule and start to regain wasted space from your users.


Product Benefits

The best way to control the problem is to find the source.

Don’t buy more space--take charge of what you’ve got.

DiskAdvisor gives you the valuable information you need to restore disk space wasted by unnecessary files. Run DiskAdvisor today and you’ll:

  • Discover problem files that meet pre-defined criteria such as age, duplication, size or security.
  • Avoid costly storage, backup, and recovery of unwanted files.
    Manage usage by user, workgroup, share, or directory giving you a total view of disk consumption habits.
  • Determine quota levels appropriate to consumption habit trends.
    Document disk consumption trends for possible storage expansion justification.
  • Gain virtually infinite reporting capabilities with Custom Report Writer feature.


The Unparalleled Companion Reporter

Designed to work with QuotaAdvisor 4.1, DiskAdvisor 4.1 is a very comprehensive disk-reporting tool available for Windows 2000/NT™. Both standard and customizable reports are generated for all major storage criteria, including wasted space, quotas, disk-space usage, and file security in both interactive and batch modes. Altogether, 18 essential, pre-defined storage management reports are available, with almost as many ways to manipulate them.

You can configure reports, run them ad hoc, launch them as threshold actions, or schedule reports to run in batch queue. And those are just the standard report versions.

With the powerful and very fast Custom Report Writer option, reports can include information from other StorageCeNTral™ modules for unlimited flexibility. You can organize reports into sets that are treated as a single task. Standard and custom reports can be mixed within a set. You can direct these report sets against storage objects such as drives, partitions or directories, or files.

Because DiskAdvisor 4.1 puts the entire domain on the workbench in batch mode, you have the luxury of managing data at your convenience.


DiskAdvisor 4.1 Standard Reports

  • Partition Summary Displays a snapshot of space usage of all partions on a machine
  • Detailed Summary Displays a more in depth examination of NT storage statistics
  • Space by Directory Displays a hierarchical usage by directory path
  • Space by Quota Displays all the quota objects on a machine
  • Space by Group Displays usage by group in the domain
  • Space by Share Displays all of the shares on a server
  • Space by User Displays user utilization in the domain
  • All Files Displays all the files in the specified path
  • Files by Access Date Displays according to the number of days since the file was last accessed
  • Files by Creation Date Displays according to the number of days since the file was created
  • Duplicate Files System adminstrators can select files that contain duplicate copies within the passed directory path. Files can be compared to one another before counted as a duplicate.
  • Files by Size Displays files by their size or a range of sizes
  • Wasted Space System administrators can select files that are potential space wasters through customized criteria in the categories of old files, large files, and over allocated files
  • Insecure Files Displays files where the file owner does not match the directory owner
  • Files with ACE Displays all the ACE's associated with files in the specified path
  • Files with Undefined ACE's Displays all the files where the owner's SID in an ACE has been deleted or is invalid
  • File Access by User Displays all the files in the specified path that users on a domain can access and how they can access them
  • Users by File Access Displays the users on a domain and the files they can access in a specified path
  • Custom Report Writer (CRW) Tailor-made report of data defined by you are the benefit of this two-pass program that allows complex calculations, including totals on totals and percents on percents. A unique component of StorageCeNTral, CRW is a complementary tool to the QuotaAdvisor 4.1 and DiskAdvisor 4.1 applications.


Images, Diagrams and Screen Shots

Pre-defined report sets help you keep an eye on your servers. It is also easy to create custom reports.

As an example, here is a report of all executable files on a server.


Product Requirements

OS Platform
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows NT4 Server
Windows NT4 Workstation



Q: Can DiskAdvisor be installed remotely from a central management station?
A: Yes, it supports a very simple and fast push-install.

Q: Can I manage machines in multiple domains?
A: Yes. You can access other domains as long as they are trusted or trusting.

Q: What is the difference between DiskAdvisor and QuotaAdvisor?
A: QuotaAdvisor®, the Quota and Real-time Disk Management portion of StorageCeNTral, is the premier real-time quota management system for Windows NT/2000. While tracking disk space usage at the disk, share, directory and file level, QuotaAdvisor is fully integrated with the Windows NT /2000 file system by the use of an I/O filter driver. Unlike other disk management products available for Windows NT/2000, QuotaAdvisor permits administrators to track disk resources in real time, before it's too late. This is achieved by WQuinn's innovative patented TruStor™ technology which tracks file I/O's as they occur. Hence, quotas cannot be exceeded unless you authorize.

DiskAdvisor®, the reporting portion of StorageCeNTral, provides detailed reporting capabilities on an enterprise wide basis. Reports may be run interactively, scheduled to run in batch or run as a threshold action from QuotaAdvisor. There are 18 standard reports. These may be combined into a Report Set definition that contains the selection criteria and output options of any or all of these standard reports so groups of these reports may be run at the same time. A flexible report generator is also provided so custom reports may be written. It supports an unlimited number of sort keys, unlimited report totaling levels, double pass reporting, and a flexible query language. Four output options are currently supported; HTML, CSV, DBF and Text. Reports may be emailed to a list of users in any of the supported formats. Reports run interactively may be graphed directly from the report, if applicable.

Reports may be run against any object displayed in the tree windowpane from the directory level to a full domain. Since scanning is done when the reports are scheduled all information on display on the report is current. Detail reports are available and are capable of supporting all files that meet the file selection criteria specified in the report. Actions may be taken against the files displayed in the detail reports interactively from an Active Report or Management Station or in batch via the batch file generator.

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