Management of Group Policies Objects for Windows® 2000


Plan, deploy and manage Group Policies more efficiently and save a lot of time within Windows® 2000.

If you do not know what GPO's are, this page is not for you. If you do, read on! You'll love this product.

FAZAM 2000 provides you with management and analysis of your Group Policy Objects (GPO's), which everyone agrees are a major headache in the more advanced environments.

Product Features

Technology plays a critical and measurable role in your company’s survival. W2K based IT infrastructure can dramatically improve overall business performance. If done right. You need some third party tools to get that really done.

Enterprise policy management simply is needed in mid- to advanced W2K environments. FAZAM 2000 complements and enhances Microsoft’s policy management initiative.

Use FAZAM 2000 to simplify Group Policy with:

Resultant Set of Policies
Provides Resultant Set of Policies (RSoP) or the set of effective policies that apply to a user when logging on to a machine.

Multi-Forest/Multi-Domain GPO Replication
Ability to create GPOs in one domain and replicate them to other domains and forests.

Allows IT Administrators to view detailed reports on GPOs in Active Directory through MMC console or Web Browser.

Automating Administration
Allows an administrator to script the backing up, importing, and reporting of GPOs.

A Policy-Centric view of Active Directory
Provides a view of Active Directory with Group Policy links and filters.

Back Up, Restore, and Import
Allows administrators to back up and restore individual GPOs on a domain including filters and links.

Policy Auditing & Diagnostics
Provides administrators with the ability to perform remote diagnostics from a central administrators' console.

Product Benefits

Why Group Policy?
Windows 2000’s Group Policy is proving to be one of the most attractive features that the new operating system offers. Group Policy not only offers IT administrators a greater level of manageability over their enterprise, but also the ability to lower TCO significantly in a Windows 2000 network environment.

Plan & Deploy Group Policy
Once you’ve made the decision to reduce TCO and increase manageability across your enterprise by implementing Group Policy, the next step is to plan for and deploy Group Policy across your enterprise. This critical step will not only help you manage group policies in the long run but can ultimately determine the amount of success that will be achieved down the road.

Manage Group Policy
Once you’ve completed your Group Policy rollout you will need to manage Group Policies throughout your enterprise to enjoy true TCO savings. By managing Group Policies IT administrators can achieve a higher level of control over their enterprises while reducing TCO and increasing employee productivity.

FAZAM 2000 Time Saving Benefits

Resultant Set of Policies
FAZAM 2000 reduces the process of manual RSoP generation from days/hours to seconds.

Multi-Forest/Multi-Domain GPO Replication
FAZAM 2000 eliminates the need to recreate policies when you want to use the same policy in multiple domains or forests. Provides a mechanism for moving policies between domains, which can not be done manually.

FAZAM 2000 speeds troubleshooting and provides formatted documentation on Group Policy settings throughout the enterprise.

Automating Administration
Provides a consistent repeatable process and eliminates the need for administrator intervention.

A Policy-Centric view of Active Directory
FAZAM 2000 saves an administrator from endless hours of manual right-clicking through every OU in a namespace trying to determine where GPOs are linked. Additionally, FAZAM 2000 provides a graphic representation of the policy structure, which can speed planning and troubleshooting.

Back Up, Restore, and Import
Ability to roll a GPO back to a prior state on an individual basis. Additionally, FAZAM 2000 provides the ability to create templates of GPOs which can then be used as a standard for creating new policies.

Policy Auditing & Diagnostics
Provides administrators the ability to perform remote diagnostics on enterprise desktops from a central administrator console. By eliminating the need to visit each workstation for troubleshooting, the service levels of helpdesk operations can be greatly improved.

Images, Diagrams and Screen Shots

FAZAM 2000 Time Saving Features

FAZAM 2000 Console with added domain

Looking at an expanded domain

Select a GPO to link to a domain

Displaying GPO Settings

White Papers, Documents and Other Files

Introduction to policy management concepts, presents an overview of Microsoft policy management technologies, and explains how FAZAM 2000TM, a Microsoft® Windows® 2000 enterprise policy management solution, complements and enhances Microsoft’s policy management initiative. The FAZAM 2000 Policy Planning and Administration features reduce the cost of implementing a change and configuration management solution and thereby reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for Windows 2000 environments. (PDF)

This white paper describes how FAZAM 2000 (a Windows® 2000 Change & Configuration Management solution) addresses the management challenges of Windows 2000 Group Policy and provides a means to significantly reduce the cost of Group Policy management. (PDF)

This paper highlights and addresses core issues concerning the planning, implementation, and ongoing management of Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Active DirectoryTM service and a Group Policy managed environment. These core issues range from identifying plan and design critical success factors and management best practices, to reviewing specific Active Directory design fundamentals, to addressing Group Policy management challenges, myths and misconceptions. The mission of this white paper is to bring to light important accumulated knowledge that will enhance the implementation, ongoing management and return-on-investment of an Active Directory/Group Policy managed environment. (PDF)

This document outlines specific situations where Group Policy management can help an organization reduce TCO and increase manageability in Windows 2000 environments.

This white paper describes four tasks crucial to the management of Windows® 2000 Group Policy. It explains the methodology used to compare the cost of managing Group Policy using native Windows 2000 capability and using FAZAM 2000. Savings due to FAZAM 2000 are illustrated for the first year of a Windows 2000 implementation.

Product Requirements

OS Platform Supported
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Home
Windows 2000 Server (SP1 or higher)
Windows 2000 Professional (SP1 or higher)

Minimum Hardware Required
CPU Pentium 300
RAM 128
HD (Install) 10MB

Additional Requirement Notes
Active Directory must be installed


What is FAZAM 2000?
FAZAM 2000 is The FullArmor Corporation’s Group Policy management solution for Windows 2000 Active Directory environments. FAZAM 2000 builds on the native Microsoft Windows 2000 infrastructure to provide customers with greater manageability and control over Group Policy Objects (GPOs).

Do I need Active Directory to use FAZAM 2000?
Yes. FAZAM 2000 manages Group Policy Objects, which only exist within the context of Active Directory. Currently only Windows 2000 users and computers are Group Policy aware.

Does FAZAM 2000 modify the Active Directory schema?
No. FAZAM 2000 does not modify the Active Directory schema. FAZAM 2000 can be installed and uninstalled from your namespace without any irreversible effects. No native file formats are affected.

What if someone other than an Administrator installs this? Will FAZAM 2000 allow our helpdesk staff or any users to make changes to our Group Policy Objects?
No. FAZAM 2000 respects the native NTFS security permissions on each Group Policy Object within Active Directory. Using FAZAM 2000 will not grant a user any access rights that they do not currently have.

How do I deploy FAZAM 2000?
FAZAM 2000 consists of an administrator package and a client utility. Both are delivered as Windows Installer (.msi) packages for easy distribution through standard software distribution mechanisms, including Group Policy and SMS. You can also use your own custom software distribution mechanism if your organization has developed one.

Does FAZAM 2000 need to be installed on a specific computer?
No. FAZAM 2000 is Microsoft Management Console-based and as such, there are no specific installation requirements beyond those for the MMC itself. You can install the software on any computer you wish.

Does my domain have to be in native mode to use FAZAM 2000?
No. Mixed and native modes do not affect Group Policy processing. The only requirement is that an Active Directory namespace has been created.

Where does FAZAM 2000 obtain policy information? Will I need a proxy server?
A: FAZAM 2000 works directly against Active Directory in real-time, so no proxy server, cache server or offline data store is required. As soon as you make a change in Active Directory, it is reflected in FAZAM.

What is RSoP?
RSoP stands for “Resultant Set of Policies”, and refers to the hierarchical effect of applying Group Policy Objects to a user and machine. Unlike System Policies, Group Policy Objects can be applied multiple times throughout a namespace. It is not uncommon for a user to have several Group Policy Objects apply to them when they logon to a domain. Each Group Policy Object contains upwards of 700 individual settings. Determining the net effect of these settings is a manual, time-intensive and error-prone process. FAZAM 2000 reduces the analysis time from a few hours to a few seconds.

Can I use FAZAM 2000 to move or migrate Group Policy Objects from one domain to another? And how is FAZAM 2000 licensed?
Yes. With the FAZAM 2000 Copy/Paste, Backup/Restore and Replication Wizard functions you can save yourself from having to recreate Group Policy Objects from scratch in each new domain or forest you create. This is very helpful during your deployment phase and as you add additional domains to your namespace.


Licensing is based upon the total number of Windows 2000 users in Active Directory
and has a minimum purchase amount of 100 users.

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