Installer Design Studio

Installer Design Studio


Installer Design Studio is the complete application software packaging tool used by system administrators, software packagers and setup developers worldwide. It has a complete set of features to create Windows Installer (MSI) files from legacy software installations and tools to modify existing Windows Installer packages using transforms.

If you are involved at any level in the deployment of software around your corporate networks then ScriptLogic Installer Design Studio is the only tool you require to prepare your applications.

Key Features and Benefits

    Legacy Application Support
    Monitor changes from a legacy application installer and create a well structured MSI

    Repackage on any machine
    Monitor changes from your development machine (where Installer Design Studio is installed) or another 'foreign' machine which can be completely clean (base build only) with no client software needed to be installed. This clean machine can be rebuilt between scans, or it can be a virtual machine. Installer Design Studio will connect to it and monitor changes.

    Create Response Transforms
    Configure existing MSI files by creating transform files (MSTs) by stepping through the UI of the existing installation and configure for your environment

    Advanced Transform Management
    Create standalone transforms, merge transforms with MSI files, or create a transform from the difference of 2 MSI files. View and edit transforms with the color coded transform editor.

    Compare MSI packages
    View the difference between 2 MSI files by viewing the changes in the table view with color coded rows, or export the differences to a text file

    Comprehensive MSI Editor
    Intuitive Graphical Interface to add, edit and remove files, registry entries, shortcuts, merge modules, ini files entries, ODBC data sources, drivers and translators, environment variables, services and service controls, components, features, permissions on files, directories and registry keys, file extensions, class, typelib, progid entries and custom actions.

    Components and Features are displayed in a tree view allowing easy drag-and-drop of resource items between them.

    Included MSI Table Editor
    Table Editor allows direct editing of MSI tables, contains drop down lists in child tables and allows navigation from parent rows to child rows (great for viewing files in a particular component for instance). Also contains a resizing tool

    Completely Customizable Projects
    The custom Action Editor allows you to create any type of custom action and add them to your sequence. Easily set the processing type, execution and scheduling.

    Easy modification of the event sequencing can be achieved by using arrows or adding and removing events.

    Access to Deleted Project Components
    A recycle bin allows you to reintroduce any deleted rows
    Complete COM entry management
    Convert registry table entries to COM table entries (AppId, Class, File Extension, ProgId, TypeLib).

    Convert COM table entries back to the registry table.

    Extract COM entries from the files in your project and add to the registry table.

    Convert paths in the registry table to component and file paths ([$compkey], [#filekey]).

    Modular design architecture
    Create merge modules from files in your project. Once stored as modules, you can search for merge modules to add to new projects

    Access to CAB contents
    Easily extract cab files and their contents from within MSI files

Validation & Building:

    Multiple Validation Options
    Projects can be validated (ICE or MCE) and errors are displayed in the output window.

    Exclusive MCE validation
    Save time validating and fixing MSIís with MCE validation. MCE validation has been developed by ScriptLogic to emulate ICE validation with the benefits of being extremely fast and allowing direct access to problem components via the table editor.

    File Storage Options
    Compress files either internally (inside the MSI file), externally in a cab file, or leave them uncompressed .

    Self-Extracting Options
    Create a bootstrapping executable for your MSI with the ability to make it self extracting. Check and install, if necessary, the windows installer runtimes from the bootstrapper.


Installer Design Studio

Installer Design Studio



What is Installer Design Studio?
  • Installer Design Studio is a comprehensive application packaging solution that gives administrators and software packagers the ability to quickly and easily create, edit, customize and build MSI packages

What is an MSI?
  • MSI files are Microsoft's Windows Installer files. A single MSI can contain the files to be installed, the setup application, and the customizations to the setup, giving Windows administrators a simple method to deploy standardized applications.

What can I package with Installer Design Studio?
  • Installer Design Studio can package legacy applications into MSI files, repackage existing MSIs, create transforms (which customize the options during an installation) and even compare existing MSI packages.

Does Installer Design Studio require a client installation?
  • No. All packaging is performed centrally with Installer Design Studio remotely monitoring a reference machine where the application to be mass deployed is being installed.

Why should I package applications?
  • Creating a packaged application ensures an application is deployed consistently throughout the enterprise. Additionally, when creating a package, you can validate, and even test deploy to ensure reliability of the deployment. No user interaction would be required (unless specified when creating the package) to deploy the application.

What is MCE validation?

  • MCE validation is Installer Design Studio's faster implementation of Microsoft's ICE (Internal Consistency Evaluators) validation. MCE more rapidly determines errors with greater efficiency and links the errors directly to the MSI table entries for faster fixing of the problems.

I noticed Installer Design Studio requires the .NET framework 1.1. Will all MSI files created require the .NET framework?
  • No Ė Windows only requires the Windows Installer Runtime to process MSIfiles. The Windows Installer Runtime is updated through Service Packs and Windows Update.







How is Installer Design Studio licensed?

  • Installer Design Studio is licensed per individual staff member performing application packaging. This means you must purchase 1 user license for each person responsible for packaging, regardless of concurrent usage.
  • Example 1: Company A has 3 staff members responsible for packaging applications for 5000 users. They need 3 licenses, even if no more than one staff member is running Installer Design Studio at a time.
What user license quantities are available?
  • Licenses are available in any quantity above the minimum of 1. Is an evaluation license available? What restrictions does it have?
  • Yes, a 15-day evaluation license is available from The only restriction is that it expires after 15 days
Can I extend my evaluation?
  • No. The 15-day period is sufficient to test the functionality of Installer Design Studio.
  • I'd like to purchase Installer Design Studio. Will I have to uninstall the evaluation version and/or reinstall Installer Design Studio once I purchase
the appropriate license?
  • No, all that is required is to enter in the registration code you received with your purchase to convert the evaluation edition to the full product.
How are licenses delivered?
  • Once your order has been processed you will receive your license code or file by e-mail.
How can I add more licenses?
  • The process is the same for all products, contact your reseller or ScriptLogic representative to purchase more licenses. ScriptLogic can be reached at contact us page. When your order has been processed you will be provided with a new electronic license for the total quantity of licenses you purchased.
Do you offer any types of discounts?
  • Discounts are available for customers buying larger quantities of each product. See below for more details. Special pricing may be available through one of our Platinum or Gold Resellers. Not only do they provide efficient and effective support on a local level, but they may offer discounts from the published price.
What about shrink-wrap product?
  • ScriptLogic does not sell any of its products with shrink-wrap packaging. All delivery of software and licenses is electronic.
What's the difference between Open and Retail/Standard licensing?
  • Open License pricing bands begin at quantities between 5 and 500 units, depending on the product, and offers extra discounts. Open Licensing also guarantees that, once you have purchased sufficient quantity of a product to reach an Open License band, you can buy additional licenses at that discounted price.





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