Print Manager Plus 6

Quota and tracking of all printing activity on a Windows NT/2000/2003 Networks

Version 6 just released!

Product Features

Just as previous versions, Print Manager Plus allows centralized tracking and management of all printing activity on a Windows NT network. You can see it as a print quota and print queue manager with a whole bunch of powerful features. Print Manager Plus was written from the ground up as a native 32-bit NT application and service.

Print Manager Plus allows quota and tracking of all printing activity on a Windows NT Network. It will track pages being printed from the following clients: Windows 2000, NT 4.0, NT 3.51, Windows '95, Windows 3.1, DOS, Macintosh, UNIX (all flavors), and OS/2.

Print Manager Plus provides you with the following features

  • Set Print Quota on User(s)
  • Set Print Quota on User Group(s)
  • Show Users and User Groups from local machine
  • Show Users and User Groups from local domain
  • Show Users and User Groups from another domain.
  • Track User(s) printing
  • Track User Group(s) printing
  • Track Printing for all printers
  • Track Printing by selected printer(s)
  • Deny/Allow printing specified number of pages
  • Allow adding pages to Page Quota
  • Automatic page quota option
  • Deny/Allow printing by number of pages per a single print job
  • Deny/Allow printing by specified file size
  • Deny/Allow printing by specified file name restriction.
  • File Permissions:
  • Pause/Delete jobs over a specified page quota
  • Pause/Delete jobs by number of pages per a single print job
  • Pause/Delete jobs over a specied file size
  • Pause/Delete jobs by restricted file string
  • Pop-Up Messages to Users
  • Send customizable pop-up message once a page quota has been met or reached a specified threshold
  • Send customizable pop-up message once a job has reached a specified page count
  • Send customizable pop-up message once a file has been printed that has exceeded the allowable file size restriction
  • Send customizable pop-up message once a file has been printed that has a file name string restriction.

All these features can be used to quota users and groups, bill users, track usage patterns and cut down on wasted printing. All tracking information is stored in an open database, which can be queried and reported on from any standard ODBC reporting package such as Crystal Reports and Microsoft Access. Reporting can also be done through an HTML front end, so no matter where you are on your network, you can open a browser and check the status of user's printing. This also gives your users the ability to query their individual limits so they can tell when they are getting close to their assigned page limit.

Print Manager Plus Integrated Reports

  • User quotas
  • Users actual pages printed
  • Printers actual pages printed by user
  • Average pages printed by user
  • Average pages printed by printer
  • Total pages printed by printer

More than 20 predefined reports can be printed, viewed and Exported directly from Print Manager Plus, into various output formats. Supported formats. Txt, html, PDF, Sylk and more.

All data is stored in an ODBC file that can be both read and written to by (for example) Microsoft Access, allowing easy remote administration of user print quotas, bulk updates and custom report generation.

Also included is a new Print Queue Manager that will allow the System Administrator to see all printing in queue on each printer:

Print Queue Permissions

  • See all printer queues on one screen
  • Pause printer
  • Resume printer
  • Purge all print jobs
  • Pause print job
  • Resume print job
  • Restart print job
  • Delete print job

Product Benefits

Here is a customer testimonial that very clearly illustrates the benefits:

"Print Manager Plus is a "perfect fit" with our NT Domain structure. I manage a departmental teaching lab with 30 NT workstations & 2 NT Servers. At the University department level we constantly struggle with the desire to provide "print - on - demand" services to our students while at the same time controlling costs for paper, toner and maintenance. PMP 2.0 allows effective print quota metering, along with the messaging I need to keep my users informed as to their "declining balance". I expect the payback period to be less than one year, making PMP 2.0 an extremely cost - effective addition to our NT domain."

Mark C. Pitman
Technical Services Manager
Computer LAN Administrator
State University of New York
University at Buffalo

End User Inquiry Tool

The Print Manager Plus End User Inquiry Tool will run on Windows '95, Windows '98 and Windows 2000 / NT Server & Workstation 4.0. This will allow the User to see his Quota and Pages.

The End User Inquiry Tool also allows the user to transfer pages from his quota to another user. This helps keep down help desk requests. It also ensures each user will log off after using the machine.

Other Print Management Tools are:

Print Queue Manager
Print Queue Manager Plus for Windows NT. This product allows full printing management for a Windows NT network. Features include Print ReDirection, Printing Disaster Recovery, Load Balancing, Printer Status, Printer Grouping, Print Broadcating.

Print Console
Print Console is a remote network printing console for NT. This console allows an administrator to remotely see all printers in a domain or domains from his or hers workstation. Manipulate Print Jobs and Printers as if you were at that server.

Images, Diagrams and Screen Shots

Using Microsoft Access with Print Manager Plus
Action Configuration Settings Dialog
Edit Quota Dialog
Main screen
Queue Manager - Main Interface
User Group Dialog
Showing users and user groups from another domain

Product Requirements

OS Platform Supported
Windows 2003 Server
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows NT4 Server (SP4 or higher)
Windows NT4 Workstation (SP4 or higher)
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Home

Minimum Hardware Required
256Mb RAM
PMP Service: 20Mb Free HD
Remote Admin: 10Mb Free HD
End User Inquiry Tool: 2 Mb Free HD

Minimum Software Required
Print server with Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Server or Workstation
Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL 7.0/2000/MSDE

Special feature
Microsoft Cluster supported in version 5.5

Additional Requirement Notes
Printers Supported: Windows 2000, Windows NT 3.51/4.0, Windows XP, Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1x, DOS, OS/2, Macintosh and UNIX


Q: Does Print Manager Plus allow you to set quotas for Windows 95, Windows 3.1 or Macintosh clients?
A: Print Manager Plus supports printing from Windows 2000/NT Workstation 3.51, 4.0. It also supports Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Unix and Macintosh.

Q: How much memory does Print Manager Plus take up?
A: The service takes up appx.3 Mb of RAM and the software takes up 20 Mb of HD.

Q: How can I do reports?
A: All of the Print Manager Plus tracking and quota information for users and printers is stored in a .MDB file called pmquota in the system32 directory. The built in reports suit almost any Reporting wishes.

Q: How many users will Print Manager Plus support?
A: Print Manager Plus supports an unlimited users on a Primary Domain.

Q: How many printers will Print Manager Plus support on a server?
A: Print Manager Plus supports an unlimited number of printers on a server.

Q: Does Print Manager Plus support Windows 2000 and Windows 2003?
A: Windows 2000 / 2003 support included. And it also runs on NT 3.51, but we do not support the platform.

Q: Is Print Manager Plus a native NT application?
A: Yes, Print Manager Plus was written as a native NT application.


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