Prism Deploy

Software deployment as it should be!



Featuring Lanovation's award-winning software packaging technology an all-new Deployment Console and Conflict Checker Professional, Prism Deploy is software deployment as it should be. Prism Deploy's learning curve is typically one afternoon

Prism Deploy can install and update software on every local, mobile and remote PC or laptop across your entire organization starting today. Unlike other software deployment solutions, Prism Deploy is easy to learn and use, is 100% reliable and delivers a return on investment in just one or two uses. With Prism Deploy, you can finally get software from shrink wrap to desktop in less than a week, even a single day, quickly, reliably, easily and simply.

Prism Deploy includes all the features found in Prism Pack

  • Award-winning software Packager
  • Remote and mobile PC and laptop support
  • Superior deployments in mixed PC environments
  • Drag and drop Deployment Console
  • Conflict Checker Professional
  • Windows 2000 & XP, including MSI support





  • Powerful Deployment Console
    Drag and drop Installation tasks onto computers or groups of computers no matter where they are.
  • Automatic Client Installation
    Automatically push Prism Deploy's Client to PCs throughout your entire organization.
  • Centralized Distribution Reports
    Receive immediate feedback on the status of your deployments including detailed alerts.
  • Point or Targeted Deployments
    Target PCs or groups of PCs for immediate update, deployment or repair.
  • Easiest Package Creation
    Simply click "next" and Prism Deploy builds a Package for you. You never have to write or edit complicated scripts.
  • Unparalleled Reliability
    Customer feedback shows Prism Deploy is reliable 99.999% of the time when installing software on and updating PCs.
  • Immediate Return on Investment
    With a short learning curve and high reliability levels, Prism Deploy pays for itself in just one or two rollouts.
  • Mobile and Remote PC Support
    Keep your mobile and remote workforce updated with Prism Deploy's advanced Internet deployment capabilities.
  • Self Healing Capabilities
    When Prism Deploy fixes software it only fixes what is broken making it fast and bandwidth efficient for self-healing applications.
  • "Managing Diversity"
    Referred to by the Gartner Group as "managed diversity", Prism Deploy is designed to work in a mixed or heterogeneous environment.
  • Conflict Checker Professional
    Prevent "DLL Hell". With Conflict Checker you can evaluate Prism files for conflicts in the files and the registry PRE-deployment.
  • Windows 2000 & XP Complement
    Fill in the gaps Intellimirror, Active Directory and Windows Installer leave with Prism Deploy's: deployment capabilities, centralized reporting and support for legacy applications.

Prism Deploy combines Lanovation's award-winning packaging technology with an all-new Deployment Console and Conflict Checker Professional. It's a true best-of-breed software distribution solution that makes it easy to install new software and update every local, mobile and remote PC across your entire company -today.


  • Automatic Client Install
    Remotely install Prism Deploy's Client on target computers. Push the Client to Windows computers for remote installation. You never have to visit target computers to use Prism Deploy.
  • Push
    Graphically distribute software installations, updates or other changes to end users or computers. Install software to individual or groups of computers at one time without visiting each computer or re-imaging hard drives - including remote and mobile computers.
  • Distribution Reports
    View, print, and export the results of distributions. You can quickly and easily see the results of distributions from anywhere in the world, and you can determine which computers have their software and which don't in a single step.
  • Schedule Distributions
    Tell Prism Deploy when to install a Package to an end user or computer. You can schedule distributions to occur at some point in the future, e.g. after hours when bandwidth constraints aren't a concern.
  • Network Independent
    Prism Deploy's distribution console works across any network operating system. Prism Deploy works on any Windows or Novell network or across the Internet. Update any PC, no matter where it is or what it looks like.
  • Auto-Population
    Prism Deploy's console populates with computers on your network, including Windows 2000 groups and users Prism Deploy automatically adds your existing computers to its console. This enables you to begin immediately managing computers in your environment.


  • Graphical Packaging Expert
    Create Distribution Packages with just a few clicks of the mouse. Prism Deploy's learning curve is typically one afternoon, not the weeks or months required with other distribution tools.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editing
    Drag and drop editing lets you edit and "tweak" Packages to your needs. Prism Deploy's Editor lets you view and edit all the components of your software in one easy-to-use interface.
  • Easy-to-use Scripting Language
    Prism Deploy provides a powerful and easy-to-use scripting language. Use Prism Deploy scripts to achieve the ultimate control of your distribution. Perform complicated upgrades or run your own programs from within a Prism Deploy script.


  • 100% Reliability
    Prism Deploy users typically achieve 100% success rates when distributing software. Keep end users productive. Eliminate trips to end users' computers to fix problems. Cut help desk traffic to a bare minimum.
  • Conflict Checker
    Check distribution Packages for conflicts in the files and registry before you deploy. Eliminate "DLL Hell" and other hard-to-diagnose problems on end-users' Computers before they occur.
  • No User Intervention
    Prism Deploy installs Packages in the background while users continue productive work. Not requiring input from users dramatically reduces the number of errors end users experience.
  • Global Distribution
    Prism Deploy distributes software in any language. Support your entire global corporation in every country of the world.
  • Rollback
    Prism Deploy's Uninstall feature lets you undo or uninstall any changes you've made to your computers using Prism Deploy. Whether you change your mind about a distribution or just want to free up software licenses for other computers, Prism Deploy makes it simple to remove the software you've deployed.
  • Logging and Reports
    Get immediate distribution reports in both broad and fine detail. Gain immediate access to distribution status. The information from Prism Deploy reports can be easily imported and accessed in other database tools.


  • Automatic Reboot
    Tell Prism Deploy to reboot a PC after an installation. Some software changes do not take effect until a PC is rebooted; Prism Deploy ensures computers are rebooted as necessary so end users can begin using their new software immediately.
  • Customize User Messages Before, During and After Installations
    Prism Deploy optionally lets you display custom messages before, during, and after a distribution. Prism Deploy lets you inform end users that changes are being made to their computers, and you have full control over what users see, if nothing at all.
  • Update all Users of a PC with a single distribution
    Machine-specific software changes are installed once; as each user logs into a PC they receive the settings unique to them. There's no need to repeat installations for multiple users, preserving bandwidth and saving time.
  • Install Software After Hours
    Distribute software to your computers after hours, when no users are logged on. Perform rollouts when bandwidth-constraints are at a minimum.
  • Self-Installing Files
    Prism Deploy creates Packages that can be saved as executables. Install and update software on computers even when the Prism Deploy Client isn't running.


  • Smart Variables
    Define variables with different values for various computers and users. Prism Deploy's variables look at the target computer for the right settings for an installation. Use a single Package to install and update software on widely heterogeneous computers.
  • Find and Replace
    Search a Prism Deploy file for a specific value and replace each instance throughout the entire file. You can quickly locate and change anything you want within a Prism Deploy file. Changing a server name, for example, takes seconds.
  • Paths Utility
    Search a Package to immediately locate and change all embedded path references in one easy step. Quickly change a hard-coded Path reference within a Package to a variable so the Package can be deployed to diverse Computers.
  • Set Disk Space Requirements for Target Computers
    Tell Prism Deploy how much disk space must be available on target Computers before a Package installs. Prevent failed installs and other problems due to lack of disk space.
  • Set Operating System Requirements
    Tell Prism Deploy to which operating systems a Package should install. For operating system specific applications, you can specify which operating systems will receive software.
  • File Level Control
    Tell Prism Deploy how to treat files that already exist on a target PC. You can choose to never replace older files, to always replace older files, etc. across an entire Prism Deploy package or for individual files within a Prism Deploy package.


  • Bandwidth Efficient
    Prism Deploy compresses an application by up to 70% of its original size. For bandwidth-sensitive deployments including those over WAN links and the Internet, you'll get the most efficient use of network bandwidth.
  • Exceptional Internet and Intranet Distribution
    Prism Deploy fully supports software distribution using the HTTP and FTP protocols. Users do not need drive mappings or a UNC path to the Prism Deploy server.Prism Deploy only pulls the necessary components from the package across the wire to minimize bandwidth requirements. Users can install software hosted by any web server. Distribute updates to customers and mobile users who don't have access to your corporate network. Prism Deploy doesn't require a temporary copy of a Prism file on target PCs - keeping bandwidth requirements to a minimum.
  • Single Compressed Files
    Prism Deploy saves its distribution packages as single, compressed files that can be viewed and edited. Prism Deploy's Packages are very portable and can be easily deployed from any media.
  • Web Expert
    Use Prism Deploy's "Expert" to create a Web page for distributing software and updates to end users. Perform easy "cafeteria-style" distributions where end users can access and fix the software they need when they need it.
  • Extend "Suites" to Mobile Resources
    Prism Deploy Packages can be used to update computers that traditional management suites aren't touching. Ensure your mobile workforce has the latest software and updates they need to be productive.


  • Manage Transition to Windows 2000 & XP
    Prism Deploy supports all versions of Windows. Prism Deploy lets you manage existing investments while you migrate to Windows 2000 and XP.
  • IntelliMirror Snap in
    You can distribute Prism Deploy files using Windows 2000 IntelliMirror .ZAP files Prism Deploy supports and enhances the management features of Windows 2000, including Active Directory, Group Policies and IntelliMirror.
  • Windows Installer "Expert"
    Prism Deploy's Windows Installer Expert lets you convert a Prism Deploy file to an .MSI file in just a few clicks. You can use Prism Deploy's easy to use interface to capture and Package any software changes and simply convert them to an .MSI file.
  • Secure Environments
    Override user permissions and install software to locked-down NT, 2000 & XP Computers. You can take advantage of the security features in Windows NT, 2000 and XP and automate distributions to users who don't have administrative rights. No need to grant temporary admin rights during a distribution.
  • No need for MST files
    Prism Deploy's advanced file format and editing capabilities make it easy to customize a Package to install on diverse Computers. Prism Deploy's files work on heterogeneous Computers, eliminating the need to create and edit Transform (MST) files.


Prism Deploy enables PC Manufacturers or anyone who configures PCs to

Speed up custom installations
Get control over all OS images
Be able to meet customers changing software and business needs
Update systems at customer sites

Every second counts.
Prism Deploy features the 11-time award-winning PictureTaker packaging technology. Creating deployment packages that are compressed to an average of 50% over a normal installation saves time … and lots of it! Using Prism Deploy's 99.999% reliability you ship a better product.

Gain control over all those OS images.
Have modularity. Do you have terabytes of disk space required to house all of those operating system images? What happens when there's an update to one application that's included in about 100 images? Make you sick to your stomach? Using Prism Deploy in conjunction with your cloning software, you can maintain fewer large, unwieldy OS images and layer the software on top of the cloned images as you need to. When an application is updated, you no longer need to update the entire image (or 100) - rather just the Prism file.

Be agile.
How long does it take you to add a newly released software application to your custom offerings? Prism Deploy is so easy to use and fast; you can literally receive the software and have it packaged and on the manufacturing line in just a couple of hours.

Update systems at customer sites.
Ever had to send an Express Mail package with a device driver to customer sites for systems you just shipped? What does this cost you? Prism Deploy can package any software changes. It works over any network, so you can update your customers new computers over the web. You might even create new revenue streams using Prism Deploy.


Do you manage your customers' software over the Internet? Would you like to?

Prism Deploy enables you to remotely install and update he software on your customers' desktops. While the traditional ASP model was built around a thin client architecture that required the development of new software applications that run from a server, the fact is, most of the software your target customers are running doesn't run from a server! Not to mention the fact your cusotmers have probably invested quite a bit of money in their "fat" Windows desktops. With Prism Deploy, you can help your customers leverage their investments and still outsource important IT functions.

Regardless of whether your customers are renting or they have purchased applications from a vendor (you can leave that mess to them), you can promise them a quick turnaround time to getting the software from shrink wrap to users' desktops with Prism Deploy. As updates are available, you can promise your customers access to latest software and patches in a timely fashion. Best of all, Prism Deploy's Deployment Console and Internet deployment features ease your customers' security concerns. With Prism Deploy, it's easy to put the software on your cusotmer's side of the firewall so you (and they) are less reliant on "the pipe". Contact our sales department to learn more today!


R & C use Prism Deploy to install Office XP across 6 different sites.
"Because the law we practice varies so widely, the software needs also vary greatly. It became clear to me that we would need a software deployment tool with a lot more power in order to handle Robinson & Cole's diversity - a tool that actually worked."
Dave Heck , Robinson and Cole  (click here for the full case study)

Honeywell Saves $8 million in 3 Years Using Lanovation's PictureTaker
"Since they began using PictureTaker Enterprise Edition three years ago to prepare and test software and updates for division-wide distribution, Honeywell Building and Home Controls has saved $8 million. This savings is based on documented numbers and does not include "soft numbers" such as employee productivity. Additionally, end-user satisfaction among Honeywell Building and Home Controls division employees is the highest in the company."
John Peters, Honeywell  (click here for the full case study)

Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Cuts Costs and Time Spent on Major I.T. Project By 98%
"To get that software manually installed and tested, it would have taken me about 3-4 hours for every PC. That’s about 1,100 hours of labor – working a 40-hour week, it would have taken me 6 months to get those PCs on the floor and up to speed," said John Vreeland, senior Network Manager for Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Company. Using PictureTaker, Vreeland was able to slash the time this project demanded (1,100 hours) by 98%, spending only 25 hours configuring 300 PCs for the entire Bank staff.
John Vreeland, Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Company   (click here for the full case study)


Overview of the Windows 2000 Environment: How Prism Files fit in (click to read more)
New features built into the Windows 2000 Server product line promise to lower the TCO for managing users and PCs, especially in the area of distributing and updating software. The superior packaging and deployment technology in Lanovation's Prism Deploy and Prism Pack works in all areas of Active Directory to enhance your investment in this new environment.

Prism Deploy and Prism Pack in the Active Directory Environment (click to read more)
ZAP files are a component of the Windows 2000 Intellimirror feature. The new Intellimirror feature is the broad term for change and configuration management. Using Group Policies as its foundation, Intellimirror enables users' software and configuration to "follow" them on- and offline. Part of Intellimirror is the concept of software distribution, where users' applications follow them. One way of achieving this is through another new feature called ZAP files. ZAP files are examined by Group Policies for execution on users' PCs. This paper examines how you can deploy Prism files (deployment packages) via ZAP files.


Operating System
Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP or higher, Millennium Edition (Me), 98, or 95.
Pentium or equivalent
Hard-disk space
20 MB
Target computers (to which software will be distributed) must be running Microsoft Windows NT4, 2000, XP or higher, Millennium Edition, 98, or 95 operating systems.


Does Prism Deploy perform "point" or "targeted" deployments?
Yes. Enabling point or targeted deployment means you can specify a single PC or laptop or a group of PCs that needs a software update - and you can target just that computer or group of computers to receive the update, now.

Setting up deployment tasks with Prism Deploy Channels is a very quick and simple process, especially when compared to the long and involved process required by management suites such as SMS and Tivoli.

Prism Deploy's Console graphically shows you the computers you manage. When you want to install new software, update or fix software, follow 3 simple steps:

1) Create a Package using the Editor containing the changes you want to deploy.
2) Create a Task in Prism Deploy's Console to install the Package.
3) Assign the Task to the computers. Assignments are accomplished simply by dragging and dropping the Task onto the computer(s) you've chosen.

The next time the targeted computer(s) contacts the Prism Deploy Console (the polling frequency is set by you) the update occurs. Best of all, you receive immediate feedback via Prism's reports so you know the PC or laptop has received the update.

Can I use Prism Deploy to manage my mobile and remote workforce?
Absolutely. Keeping PCs up to date with the latest software in a LAN environment is challenging enough. It's even more challenging to update a mobile and remote workforce. Traditional management suites don't have built-in support for handling remote systems, which are becoming more and more pervasive in nearly every corporate environment. Remote systems are often used in high-profile ways and must work properly! If the presentation software on your sales gal's laptop won't work at a customer presentation, she's got a problem and so do you!

Prism Deploy is optimally designed for deploying software and updates to mobile and remote PCs and laptops. Prism Deploy has several built in features for this environment, specifically:

  • Industry leading compression - typical software installation Packages are compressed by an average of 50%.
  • Network independence - Prism Deploy only requires TCP/IP for its communication between the Prism Channel and its clients.
  • Http, https, ftp file support - Prism Deploy scripts, tasks and Packages can all point to Internet file names, not just drive mappings and UNC paths.
  • Built in "Web Expert" in Prism Deploy's Editor assists you in building web pages for software deployment. You can post Prism files on a web page for users to access, providing "self-service, on-demand" software deployments.
  • Smart repair - Prism Deploy's Client only pulls the components the target system needs across the wire when it fixes software. There's no need for the user to download an enormous file to their temp directory first, then launch the fix.

How does Prism Deploy work in my heterogeneous environment?
Referred to by the Gartner Group as "managed diversity", heterogeneity is a fact of life. The upgrade and deployment process cannot be viewed as a one-time event; rather it's a constant process. You buy new computers, you upgrade old computers; you have different types of users with different software applications and different needs. You have a mobile and remote workforce. You have a mix of Windows 2000, NT, 98, 95, maybe some XP. Users have software installed in different locations. How do you get it all under control?

The answer is, you probably can't. Users won't submit to "doing things your way." Locking down systems completely might work for some users, but probably not all of them. Plus, computer users need to have a little freedom, right?

Fortunately, the developers of Prism Deploy believe in making "managed diversity" possible, while still fully automating the software deployment process. Prism Deploy has features that provide network administrators fine control over how a deployment Package behaves when it reaches target PCs …a deployment Package's behavior is customized to each PC.

As an example, let's say you want to upgrade 1000 computers to Office XP. Some users are running Office 2000 (but from about 10 different locations); some users have Office 97; some users don't have Office at all. Believe it or not, Prism Deploy can automate this update/install. Prism Deploy's Smart Variables, Paths Editor and scripting make it possible to send out one deployment task that does the right thing in each environment! Really

Can I use Prism Deploy with the Windows Installer (MSI)?
The short answer, "yes". The real question, "should you?"

The Windows Installer is a developer's tool for creating software installation programs. While it has some built in features for making software deployment easier, it also has some significant drawbacks:

• It was designed by and for programmers, not for network administrators (the ones who actually have to implement the technology!).
• Does not deploy software; that must be accomplished by setting up and managing Group Policies at the Windows 2000 server
• Provides no easy-to-use tool for updating existing software.
• Provides no solution for legacy software.
• Provides no tools for customizing software for a diverse environment.
• Does not let you undo or rollback an installation without breaking other software!

If your company is pure Windows 2000, including Active Directory, Intellimirror and Group Policies, you may choose to use Windows Installer (MSI) files to install software on end users' PCs. If you do reach the decision that MSI is appropriate for your environment, you probably still need to package legacy software that is not available in the MSI format. Prism Deploy works great for capturing and packaging any software changes. You can then simply convert a Prism package to an MSI file and away you go.

Before adopting a pure MSI approach, you might want to ask: Do I have experienced programmers in my IS department to create MSI files for software deployment? Is every computer exactly the same? Will I know if users receive the software? Will I know if the software is working? Will end users continue productive work while their PCs are being updated? Will they be required to enter information during the installation? Can I customize the install routine for a diverse environment? And, what happens next month when there's an update to the software?

According to Microsoft, the management initiatives built into the Windows 2000 operating system are limited and not intended for use by large, complex, diverse, spread out environments. For these environments, there's Prism Deploy.

Using snapshot technology, Prism Deploy captures any software changes for deployment to multiple PCs. Prism Deploy's powerful yet simple packaging technology has won 11 industry awards and is in its 5th generation. There's a reason for its acclaim: it actually works!

  • When Prism Deploy packages software, it does so in a single compressed file that you can customize to work in any environment. You'll never have to build or edit complicated scripts, deal with GUIDs, transforms or patch files. Just use the Prism Deploy Expert to create a deployment package almost automatically.
  • Prism Deploy's Console provides drag and drop deployment (and scheduling) so you can control when Packages are deployed to end users' PCs.
  • The Prism Deploy Console provides immediate reports on the status of deployments so you know if end users' systems actually received the software.
  • You can customize Prism Deploy to display prompts before and after a package install, or it can be completely silent. No matter what you decide, users continue productive work while you update their PCs because Prism Deploy works in the background.
  • Prism Deploy's Smart Variables, Paths Editor, overwrite properties, disk space requirements and OS requirements make it easy to customize a package for a diverse environment. You can send a single package that always does the "right thing" - even on PCs that are widely different.
  • Prism Deploy's rollback functionality is extremely intelligent; it always puts back everything it removed or changed during a deployment and removes the things it added. Prism Deploy does not remove shared dlls that other software applications are using, even if Prism Deploy installed the files in the first place.

We recommend you do software packaging and deployment the easy way - with Prism Deploy!

Can Prism Deploy "self heal" software?
Yes Prism Deploy enables you to make sure your end users always have functioning software - by allowing you to customize an application's shortcut to perform needed repairs each time it's launched. Since Prism Deploy is smart, when software is in need of repair, it only fixes what is broken. This makes the process very fast and bandwidth efficient and completely invisible to the end user.

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