Remote Administrator

Sunbelt Radmin is a superfast, award winning remote control program. You can take over one or more remote systems, and even daisy chain them!

Radmin is a complete remote control tool especially designed for busy system administrators. The truly crucial features are all there: superfast remote control, file transfer, NT security, telnet and multilanguage support. Radmin has a very small, tight footprint and is blisteringly fast. The price is ridiculously low. This is one sweet little tool that now comes with Sunbelt's industry strength tech support and resources. Move over, pcAnywhere

Product Features

Sunbelt Remote Administrator is loaded with powerful features:

  • Runs as a service. Radmin server can work as a SERVICE under WinNT and Win9X, which allows you to logon and logoff a user remotely.
  • Multiple connections support
  • Radmin server supports multiple remote control and view sessions to one screen.
  • Full-screen, scaling and windowed view modes. Full-screen mode allows you to see the remote screen on the entire screen of your display. Scaling mode allows you to see the scaled remote screen in a window with the user defined size.
  • Radmin uses a video hook kernel mode driver under Windows NT 4.0 to improve the performance. This allows you to work on the remote computer with an incredible 'real-time' update speed (hundreds of screen updates per second). Radmin works on both NT and W2K.
  • File transfer allows you to transfer files to or from the remote computer. Works with easy-to-use interface similar to Windows Explorer.
    • Drag-and-Drop support
    • File Transfer resuming after abnormal disconnection
    • Progress bar
    • Show date, time, attributes in detailed view of File Transfer
    • Sorting files support
    • "Replace File" confirmation dialog
    • Disk names support
    • Icons support
    • Saving of File Transfer window size and position, view and sorting modes
    • File properties dialog
  • Remote shutdown feature
    Allows you to shutdown the computer remotely without connecting in remote screen mode.
  • Telnet server
    Radmin server provides Telnet access to the remote computer, when its server runs on Windows NT.
  • Multilanguage support
    We have included the support for quite a few languages. You have to copy just one file to use this feature, it is not necessary to download and install Radmin again.
  • Windows NT security support
    You can give the right to remote control, remote view, telnet and file transfer access to specific users or user groups. If the user is logged on to a WinNT domain, the Radmin viewer will use the current username / password in order to connect to the Radmin server.
  • Password protection
    If Windows NT security support is switched off, access to a remote computer is controlled by a password. Radmin uses a challenge- response password authentication method, based on 128bit strong encryption.
  • All data is encrypted with 128 bit strong crypto in any connection mode.
  • Event Log support.
  • IP filter - This feature allows access to the Radmin server only from specified IP addresses and subnets.
  • Radmin supports Hi-resolution modes.
    Display resolutions up to 2048 X 2048 X 32bit color are supported by Radmin.
  • Clipboard transfers.
  • Remote shutdown feature.
  • 16 color (4bit per pixel)network transfer mode.
  • "/stop" command - kills all running Radmin servers on the computer
  • Optional 'Incoming connection' dialog box on server side.
  • Optional Tray icon on server side with computer IP address tip and current connection list. Tray icon changes its state when some active connection persist. Also a notification beep is made when some user connects to the server.
  • Close connection dialog in viewer.
  • Sending Ctrl-Alt-Del to the remote computer.
  • Reduced network usage in the minimized mode of the viewer's remote screen window.
  • Auto disconnection of frozen remote screen connections.
  • Extended "Ask user to allow incoming connection" options. In earlier versions the default answer for incoming connection. was "yes". Since v2.1 you have the opportunity to choose "no" as the default. Optional "time out" value.
  • Powerful registry settings for system administrators - you can disable several server functions such as telnet, file transfer, control, and the possibility of changing server settings by a user.

Product Benefits

How it works
You see the remote computer screen displayed either in a window or full screen on your computer monitor. All the mouse and keyboard functions are transferred from the remote computer to your own machine. You can work with the remote computer as if you are sitting in front of it. According to our tests and our users feedback, Radmin outperforms all other remote control tools in sheer speed.

The remote computer can be located anywhere on the Internet or local area network. When using Radmin, you don't need a fast network connection to work with the remote computer. Even if you are just connected via Modem, you can reach a reasonable screen update speed (about 5-10 screen updates per second). If you are connected to a LAN you can reach real-time update speeds of about 100 - 500 screen updates per second. You can adjust that down to save bandwidth though.

Security and reliability
Radmin is easy to use and provides robust 128bit strong encryption of all its data streams. The software is based on the TCP/IP protocol which is by now the most widespread protocol in WANs and LANs. All you need to control a computer located in any place on the planet is a TCP/IP connection between these two boxes. When in the "Full control" mode you can do on the remote computer what you like - transfer files to and fro, shutdown or logoff -- if you have sufficient permissions. Radmin is a very SECURE and RELIABLE remote control tool. It is stable and reliable so you can use it for mission critical network management.

A lot of attention was paid to security questions in the Radmin design. Here are some reasons why your Radmin operations are completely secure:

  • Radmin 2.1 supports Windows NT/2000 user level security. You can give remote control rights to a specific user or group of users.
  • If the Windows NT security support is switched off, access to the remote computer is controlled by a password. Remote Administrator uses a challenge-response password authentication method. This method is similar to the authentication method used in Windows NT, but uses larger security keys in the protocol.
  • Remote Administrator works in high security mode, where all data (screen images, mouse movement and keys) are encrypted. It uses 128bit strong encryption with randomly generated keys. For remote control connections encryption is optional while all other connection modes (file transfer, telnet, etc) are encrypted by default.
  • Remote Administrator server has a logging feature. All actions are written to the log file. Event log support is included in the version 2.1.
  • Remote Administrator server has a IP-filter table. If you use this you can get Radmin server access only from the specified IP addresses and networks.
  • Remote Administrator has a self testing code defense, which protects its code from changing.
  • All crypto algorithms used in Remote Administrator are industry standards: RSA, MD5, TwoFish.
  • Easy to use

One of important advantages of Remote Administrator is its easy interface. It is devoid of all 'value added' features that are not needed but make it harder to work with the product and slow down the speed. Remote Administrator has been developed to satisfy three main corporate requirements for remote control software:

Corporate Help Desk: Radmin lets helpdesk staff troubleshoot problems without having to run all over the building. Helpdesk staff needs strong remote-control performance plus features such as tools for pushing the host software down to client PCs for easy installation, and the ability to launch the host module remotely.

System Administrator tool: Radmin makes it easy really for you to get started. Using Radmin, you can monitor servers and correct problems at any time of the day from any location. Capability to monitor multiple hosts at the same time at a high speed also is very helpful. Radmin allows you to transfer files at a blistering speed with an easy to use interface. Radmin's features give you a high level of mobility, independence and control. It's as if you are there.

Customer Service: If a customer encounters a problem, a support technician can take over the system and resolve the problem without having to ship the PC back and forth. This tool is very helpful if you are a vendor of either hardware or software. The increasing complexity of computer software and hardware make it almost impossible to solve problems through verbal interaction between the user and the technician. In this case customers can save their money as well as technicians can reduce costs for support.

  • Improve customer service but cut cost at the same time
  • Provide support to telecommuters: significant savings on travel
  • Faster problem resolution: increased productivity

Images, Diagrams and Screen Shots

Product Requirements

OS Platform Supported
Windows 2000 Server (SP1 or higher)
Windows 2000 Professional (SP1 or higher)
Windows NT4 Server (SP4 or higher)
Windows NT4 Workstation (SP4 or higher)
Windows 98/95

Minimum Hardware Required
CPU Pentium 200
RAM 32
HD (Install) 2MB

Additional Requirement Notes
TCP/IP installed. For Windows NT/2000, administrator rights are required to install RAdmin.


Q: Do I use the "Connect through host" option for daisy-chaining machines?
A: Yes. This option enables you to connect through a host when there is no direct TCP/IP connection with the computer you want to administer, but an intermediate computer (or host) has a direct TCP/IP connection to your target computer running Radmin server. Therefore Radmin server must be running on that intermediate (host) computer as well as on your target computer. Ex: You have a local network without a direct connection to the Internet. However there is one computer on that network that has a direct connection with the Internet. If you install Radmin server in the that computer, the host, you will be able to get connected from the Internet to other computers in the local network.

Q: How can I send Ctrl-Alt-Del to the remote computer?
A: If you want to send Ctrl-Alt-Del key to a remote computer you can use 'Send Ctrl-Alt-Del' entry from the Remote Screen window menu. This feature will work only when the remote computer OS is WindowsNT and the Radmin server runs as a system service on the remote computer. This feature will work in 'Full control' connection type.

Q: How can I return from the full-screen mode to the normal one?
A: Just press F12. Using this key you can switch between normal and full- screen modes. if you want to send the F12 key to a remote computer, use 'Send F12' entry from the RScreen window menu.

Q: What are the known bugs?
A: We are currently only aware of one, that only shows up in less than one third of a percent of the installations. The behavior is that the remote machine running Radmin runs 100% CPU after login. Please report this to us if you run into this bug. We're working on the resolution.

Q: How can I install the video hook driver on Windows NT?
A: If you did not install Radmin server as a system service in installation process, you can do it from 'Radmin server setup': press the 'Install' button in the 'Radmin server setup' dialog. This installs the service and the driver on the your computer. You can also run: r_server.exe /installdrv. Win2000 version of the driver will be included in future versions of Radmin.

Q: How can I speed up Radmin in the remote screen mode? I use a slow (modem) connection between computers.
A: To speed up, you can disable wallpaper on the remote computer. Also, make sure, that the 'Strict to 256 colors' checkbox is checked in the Options dialog of the RScreen window. If you are connected via a modem you can't have update rates higher than 10 per second, just because signals can't go there and back more than 10 times per second (ping > 100ms).

Q: How can I speed up Radmin in the remote screen mode? I use a fast connection between computers.
A: If you use Win95/98 OS on the remote side, the speed depends on the screen resolution of the remote computer. So set a lower screen resolution on the remote computer. Also set a lower color format 8bpp (256 colors) or 16bpp (65536 colors). On some systems 8bpp is faster, on others 16bpp. Make sure your update speed is not limited by the 'Maximum updates per second' field from the option dialog of the RScreen window. If you use WinNT on the remote side without the video hook driver installed, note that with the video hook driver Radmin works about 10 times faster and uses much less processor time.

Also, if you obtain a high processor load on the remote computer, when you see its screen remotely you can make it lower by setting the 'max screen updates per second' entry to a smaller value in the 'Options' dialog of the RScreen window menu. If your remote computer works under Win95/98/ME/2000 (or under WinNT without the video hook driver installed) the Radmin server can cause a high processor load when the 'Maximum updates per second' value is set to values bigger than 50. Anyway Radmin takes only free CPU, so it's not causing a performance hit.

Q: I can not see the remote screen when the remote display is in full-screen text
A: Currently, Radmin can't register screen changes, when the remote computer is in the full-screen text mode. Drawing on the screen isn't performed by the GDI (Graphic Display Interface) when the remote computer is in such a mode. Windows works with full-screen text modes in an undocumented way via a video port driver.

Q: I have a problem while running some console application via Radmin telnet session. Applications do not work properly. What can I do?
A: Some Win32 console applications use direct access to the console. Such applications can't work via the telnet mode, because the telnet mode on the server uses standard i\o streams to interact with the application. Just do not run such applications via telnet. You can run such applications in RScreen mode.

Q: I got an error when I was trying to connect to Radmin server. What can I do?
A: This error usually means that connection is broken by the server side due to IP filter restriction on the server. To see and change your IP filter settings, you can run 'Radmin server setup' from the Start menu on the server side. If you get the message "Can't connect to server" you can turn on the log file to know the reason. Perhaps, RServer does not start. Be sure that you have the same versions installed on all sides. The problem can be also caused by some other software that may be incompatible with Radmin. Another possible cause is the network problems, be sure you can ping the remote PC.


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