Maintain and distribute files across the LAN, WAN, or Internet.

It automates data management functions such as replicating, transferring, archiving and mirroring of files and database rows to enable proactive administration of data distribution in Windows NT/2000 environments.

Product Features

Computers can be linked by a network (LAN, WAN, Intranet, Internet) or a dial-up line (RAS). Data can be moved inbound or outbound from your NT/2000 sever. The graphical user interface provides quick and easy implementation, deployment and management.


Daily File Distribution
Archive Old Files
Update Remote Servers
Transfer new WEB files
Centralize Company Documents
Create Redundant File Servers
Synchronize Secondary Servers
File Replication
Data Replication
Monitor Modified Files
FTP File Transfers

Flexible File Distribution

OpalisRendezVous extends beyond simple copying to deliver the advanced features necessary to maintain data integrity and availability. Flexible scheduling options and real-time monitoring enable automatic delivery of mission critical files across the network.

Advanced File Options

Data distribution, such as web-publishing tasks, can be initiated based on date modifications, security changes, file attributes and size thresholds. Advanced features including overwrite, fail and unique name provide administrators with greater control over data management and ensures that files, directories and servers have the most current copies of files and application data.

Database Replication

OpalisRendezVous can also replicate database rows between any ODBC- compliant data source based on user request, scheduled event or query result. Replicating SQL, Oracle and other DBMS ensures that secondary servers or remote computers always contain the same up to date information as the primary servers.

Transfer Methods

OpalisRendezVous supports FTP, Copy and RDV protocol transfer methods. The RDV protocol enables compression and encryption to secure data transfers across a Windows NT/200 network. The FTP transfer option enables administrators to distribute files across multi-platform environments including Unix, VMS, MVS, AS/400 and Novell.


A single graphical interface enables administrators to create, monitor and control data distribution across the enterprise. Management features include a status log, an error log, report generation and notification via email.

Integrates with OpalisRobot

OpalisRendezVous combines with OpalisRobot, a system management and automation solution, to integrate data distribution with automated job processing tasks.

OpalisRendezVous delivers the power and flexibility necessary to provide high data availability and file maintenance in any size corporation.

Product Benefits

Simple and Flexible

OpalisRendezVous automates data and file distribution between one or more computers. The graphical environment provides a single interface to create, monitor and control file flows. Three easy steps enable administrators to set up reliable data distribution, saving time and increasing availability.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - determine ‘when’ files will be distributed
Files can be transferred or replicated after a change in the directory tree (real-time mirroring), when the directory size exceeds a defined threshold, at a specific time or interval (a particular hour, day of the week, etc.) or by user request.

Step 2 - determine ‘what’ files will be distributed
Choose the origin directory and/or sub-directories that need to be transferred. Optional filters enable the inclusion or exclusion of files.

Step 3 - determine ‘where’ files will be distributed
Define where and how to send the data. Flows can be set up using standard Windows NT copy, the FTP protocol or the RDV protocol.

Real World Examples

Real-time mirroring
When a file has been modified in the origin directory OpalisRendezVous automatically copies it to the destination directory.

Dial-up replication
For example very 30 minutes, OpalisRendezVous connects to the remote site, transfers files to the destination and hangs up the connection.

Transfer to UNIX/Novell using FTP
To update the website, OpalisRendezVous connects to the Internet using PPP, transfers web pages using FTP and hangs up the line or disconnects.


Images, Diagrams and Screen Shots

Screen shot: OpalisRendezVous Administrative Interface

White Papers, Documents and Other Files

OpalisRendezVous User's Manual (PDF)

OpalisRendezVous Licensing (PDF)

Case Study: OpalisRobot and OpalisRendezVous: Automating E-Commerce and Customer Service (PDF)

Product Requirements

OS Platform Supported
Windows 2000 Server (SP1 or higher)
Windows 2000 Professional (SP1 or higher)
Windows NT4 Server (SP4 or higher)
Windows NT4 Workstation (SP4 or higher)
Windows NT3.51

Minimum Hardware Required
CPU Pentium 200
RAM 64
HD (Install) 5MB
HD (Operating) n/a

Additional Requirement Notes
TCP/IP for RDV protocol, FTP protocol and SMTP functions ODBC for database functions. Remote Access Service for dial- up operations. Client/Administrator can also be installed on Windows 9x.


Q: What is OpalisRendezVous and how does it run?
A: OpalisRendezVous is a Windows NT service, that runs unattended in the system background. It is controlled by a graphical interface (called the Administrator).

Q: What are flows?
A: Flows are the number of configurations that are set-up within the product. An OpalisRendezVous Server License supports a maximum of 256 flows. See the licensing document in the White Papers, Documents and Other Files section below.

Q: Can I define "when" a flow occurs?
A: Yes you can. In addition to flows starting when a change in the directory tree occurs (real-time mirroring) or a directory size exceeds a defined threshold or at a specific time or interval, you can configure for the following:
Define time parameters when flows are active (for example between 8A.M. and 7P.M.)
Specify purge times (activate a last transfer, useful at the end of the day)

Q: What else can I do about the files that get copied where I want them?
A: There are plenty of other options. For example:

  • Files can be marked with (new) date of transfer or retain the original file date
  • Files can be moved instead of copied
  • Files can be archived (to keep a complete record of all file versions)
  • Copy can fail, overwrite or create a unique file name if the destination file already exists

Q: What about security?
A: OpalisRendezVous uses Windows NT security. You can choose a global account under which the service will run or choose an account per flow.

Q: What is the RDV protocol?
A: An intermediate entity called RDV Server is used to help senders and receivers connect and exchange files. Purchase of OpalisRendezVous includes an unlimited right to use Opalis Internet RDV Server (

For transfers using the RDV protocol, the intermediate RDV Server only helps sender and receiver to directly connect. When using the RDV protocol, transfers can be password protected and compressed.

Q: What components are included in OpalisRendezVous?
A: The following components are included with OpalisRendezVous:

  • OpalisRendezVous Server License
  • OpalisRendezVous Client License (required for each computer from or to which files are transferred)
  • OpalisRendezVous RDV Server (used to synchronize NT systems using the RDV protocol)

Q: What about database mirroring?
A: ODBC database flows follow the same rules as file flows. Origin and destination fields are mapped by pair. Rows can be replicated between any type of ODBC data source. ODBC drivers exist for almost every database system, from simple (text or Excel files) to relational DBMS such SQL Server and Oracle.

Q: One of the machines I wish to replicate to only has a dial up modem. Can OpalisRendezVous do this?
A: If the link is a dial-up line, OpalisRendezVous takes care of establishing the connection and hanging up when the transfer is done. A dial-up connection can be initiated towards Windows NT/2000 computers as well as PPP servers (such as Unix hosts). Transfers can use the standard copy, the FTP protocol or the RDV protocol.

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