Desktop Authority Express

Desktop Authority Express is point and click Desktop Administration. Formerly known as ScriptLogic, Desktop Authortiy Express provides a simple and intuitive graphic user interface the combination of logon scripting, group policies, user profiles and desktop management. Desktop Authority Express gives you the power to manage your Windows-based desktops and applications more efficiently and dramatically reduce network administration costs.

Desktop Authority Express combines the functionality found in logon scripting, group policies, and user profile management into a single management tool. End the complexity and limitations of batch, shell, KiXtart and VBscript files with an intuitive point-and-click graphical user interface management console without the need to write or debug a single line of code!.

Finally simple but extremely powerful Point & Click Desktop Administration for your ever-changing network is available. Award-winning ScriptLogic is the best selling point and click solution that centralises multi-function administration of Windows-based networks. ScriptLogic combines the functionality of logon scripting, group policies and user profile management.

It is estimated that 85% of a network administrators time is spent rolling out the latest service packs, mapping drives, configuring folder redirections, configuring Internet connections, setting Microsoft Office paths, creating new Outlook profiles, deploying new printers, configuring proxy setting and tightening security policies.

Learn from the more than two million users worldwide who have benefited from ScriptLogic products and solutions. ScriptLogic uses a graphical user interface to simplify desktop administration, eliminate redundant tasks and reduce other time-consuming activities. Network administrators can manage Windows clients and applications more efficiently, precisely choose settings to apply to computer or user and deliver the configuration for each user as they logon.

By simply automating various redundant administrative activities, desktop management resources can be minimised by as much as 50%.

ScriptLogic & Desktop Authority Express has been selected Best Software by Windows & .NET magazine - and also won awards in the Best Scripting Tool, Best OS Migration Tool and Best Registry Management Tool categories.


Take Control of Desktop Administration with ScriptLogic / Desktop Authority Express
ScriptLogic is award-winning software you can use to manage your Windows-based desktops and applications more efficiently, thereby significantly reducing network administration costs. No more will you ever have to write or debug a single line of scripting code!

Using ScriptLogic's intuitive point-and-click Management Console, and exclusive Validation Logic technology, you can centrally configure and control virtually every user/computer setting without visiting each one of them. Click on the items below to see sample screen images.

ScriptLogic is the perfect complement for drive imaging programs like Ghost® & Partition Magic®. They provide the initial OS and application installation. ScriptLogic provides the necessary, and never ending user-specific customisation during the logon process.

Benefits for Users and Administrators from ScriptLogic / Desktop Authority Express

More Productive Users. Personalised desktops - unique configurations of security policies, preferences, drive mappings, printers, Internet, and applications settings - can be applied to PBX based on ScriptLogic unique Validation Logic™, so everyone on the network has the familiar interface and set of resources they need, when and where they need them.

Simplified Administration. By centralizing the process of desktop management and enabling remote troubleshooting and repair in many cases, ScriptLogic keeps users working with less intervention required by administrators.

Reduced Costs. ScriptLogic lever ages our unique "Template Technology" and "Validation Logic" during the network logon process to reduce the number of menial management tasks and to eliminate redundant administration so your staff can concentrate on more strategic activities and reduce your total cost of ownership.

The benefits of a centralized approach to connecting network resources and configuring the operating system and applications to use them, are instantly realized -- whether your network consists of traditional clients, thin clients, or a mixture of both.

By automating various redundant administrative activities, ScriptLogic cuts costs by minimizing the time users and network administrators must devote to workstation management: users are more productive, and administrators are free to concentrate on more critical issues.

If you're still trying to develop universal logon scripts and manage your Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98 and 95 desktops using batch files or other complex scripting languages, then it's time you get ScriptLogic -- the world’S best selling graphical logon script for Microsoft Networks!

NEW features in Desktop Authority Express via!

Component Object Model (COME) - ScriptLogic takes advantage of many of the features inherently built-into Microsoft's COME architecture. Microsoft's' standard Windows development tool extends ScriptLogic infrastructure for more extensible custom scripting options. This allows for tighter integration with Microsoft applications and easier updates and deployment for network administrators.

Performance - The log in process is faster due to extensive performance enhancements from harnessing multi-threading and using Microsoft's COME. This improvement enhances the users experience by making the updates seamless with the log in and without causing delay.

'Friendly' Labelling - ScriptLogic allows friendly labels and modification of mapped network drives on Windows 2000 & XP machines. This allows desktops to take advantage of the newest Windows features while still giving network administrators control.

TCP/IP & LBW Printers - Network administrators can now roll out printers connected via TCP/IP and LBW. End users gain access to the newest printers and network administrators save time with new printer deployment.

Windows Server 2003 - ScriptLogic fully supports the new functionality in Windows Server 2003 while retaining management of the network with the network administrator.

Outlook 2003 - ScriptLogic fully supports all applications and features associated with Outlook 2003 by facilitating updates to end users quickly and easily.

ScriptLogic sets and maintains appropriate Windows standards based on company policy through centrally managed network administration. These Windows clients can be standardized regardless of the Windows operating system version.

ScriptLogic simplifies desktop administration, eliminates redundant tasks and reduces other time-consuming activities. With ScriptLogic, users are more productive having a personalized desktop and administrators can spend time planning and dealing with mission critical issues.

Network administration with ScriptLogic is simplified through an intuitive point and click management console, scalable to any size enterprise and reliable with alert notification based on the network event. Using ScriptLogic Validation Logic, configuration is centralized while preserving granularity and control down to the desktop using a four part validation scheme. Redundant tasks such as setting security policies, anti-virus updates, setting modifications and synchronised time are eliminated.


Some other features of ScriptLogic include

  • OS independence - Full support of all features on Windows 2000/NT/NET (including Server, Terminal Server and Workstation), Windows ME, 98 and 95 clients.
  • Organised drive mapping, including the ability to "root map" a user home directories on XP, 2000, NT and Windows Me/95/Me clients.
  • Auto-add and remove printers> on XP/2000/NT clients as well as configure group-based LPT redirection for legacy DOS applications on all operating systems.
  • Automatic creation of Outlook/Exchange mail (MAPI) profiles, including the ability to enable/disable Outlook Today, Folder View, Outlook Bar, spelling check, AutoArchive and empty wastebasket by day of week.
  • Automated deployment of service packs to your Windows XP/2000/NT Workstations.
  • Time synchronisation of client's clock with a server’s clock or Domain Time Source.
  • Ability to configure "folder redirection" so that user's desktop cookies, IE bookmarks, recent documents, and other shell folders, can be stored in each user's home directory on the network. This gives each user the ability to logon to any computer and instantly get all their information -- WITHOUT USING MICROSOFT'S ROAMING PROFILES!
  • Dynamic logging of all client logon activity. User-selectable fields include: date, time, OS type, OS version, current service pack, MAC & TCP/IP address, authenticating server, user ID, Physical RAM, free disk space, BIOS date, CPU speed, SID, etc.
  • Complete control over Internet Explorer's settings, including whether to use a proxy server, start page, custom search page, default download directory, and over 60 security policies to prevent your users from making changes to various IE configuration screens.
  • Ability to launch programs on each client after the logon process completes -- based on specific schedules, once a day or every logon.
  • Customisable pop-up message boxes and logon banners allow you to notify users prior to them looking in their E-mail box.
  • Built in "push" technology automatically distributes ScriptLogic program files to local client drives for faster LAN and dial-up logons.
  • Complete control over each client's registry. Add and delete keys, modify any value (even on XP/2000/NT computers where the user logging on does not have the necessary permissions to make the changes).
  • Ability to set the default open/save paths, clipart, auto-recover, and template folders for Microsoft Office 95, 97, 2000 and XP.
  • Add your own functionality through custom scripting. Even though ScriptLogic's goal is to provide end-to-end control over your clients without the need to learn complex languages or write scripting code, we still provide the ability to add your own functionality through custom scripting.
  • Create (or remove) the Windows Shortcuts each user/groups needs -- in any folder (Desktop, Start-Menu, Quick-Launch Bar, etc.).
  • Maintenance, including a monthly purging of TEMP files on client computer's hard drive (prompted, forced, or never) and automatic notification if the client's available disk space drop below a definable threshold.
  • Control over various User Interface elements, including the removal of that pesky Windows Welcome Splash, Internet Connection Wizard, Internet Explorer's Take a Tour and IntelliMouse's productivity tips each time a new user logs on at any computer. Even add a "Command Prompt Here" to the right mouse click menu for administrators if desired.

Administrator Guide
Getting Started Guide
ScriptLogic and ADGPO's (Active Directory)

Screen Shot's

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Desktop Authority Express Drive Mapping Desktop Authority Express Drive Mapping

Desktop Authority Express Inactivity Timer Desktop Authority Express Inactivity Timer

Desktop Authority Express Outlook Profiles Desktop Authority Express Outlook Profiles

Desktop Authority Express Registry Configuration Desktop Authority Express Registry Configuration

Desktop Authority Express Folder Redirection Desktop Authority Express Folder Redirection

Desktop Authority Express Office Settings Desktop Authority Express Office Settings

Desktop Authority Express Printer Deploymen Desktop Authority Express Printer Deploymen

Desktop Authority Express Shortcut Management Desktop Authority Express Shortcut Management

ScriptLogic has been the winner of many fine awards - click here to see a few

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In order to be cost-effective to virtually any size business, ScriptLogic is offered at a special low entry price, acturally lower than when the product was named: Scriptlogic.

Enterprise Edition of Desktop Authority Express
ScriptLogic Enterprise Edition is discontuinued and replaced by the much more powerful edition called Desktop Authority Express. Desktop Authority Express is especially well suited for CITRIX environments, as the remote capabilities of Desktop Authorty are unnessesary.

ScriptLogic is fully compatible with all Microsoft 32-bit operating systems and applications, including:

Microsoft BackOffice
Small Business Server
Windows NT/2000
Windows Server 2003
Terminal Server
Exchange Server
ISA/Proxy Server
Systems Management Server
Windows 2000/XP Pro
NT 4.0 Workstation
Windows Me, 98, 95
Office XP, 2000, 97, 95
Citrix MetaFrame


Q: Where/how is Desktop Authority Express installed?
A: ScriptLogic is designed to be installed to a Domain Controller. This can be any domain controller of your production network or isolation lab. Remember that even after you install Desktop Authority Express, it is not assigned to any users. This allows you to test it to 1) coexist with your current logon scripting solution, and 2) deploy it to as many or as few users as you like during the evaluation process.

Q: Is a reboot required as part of the installation process?
A: No systems, including the server that you performed the installation on, need to be rebooted as a result of the Desktop Authority Express installation.

Q: I would prefer not to install Desktop Authority Express to our production domain, and do not have an isolation lab. Is there anything else I can do so that I can effectively evaluate ScriptLogic?
A: Yes, you can install Desktop Authority Express to any NT/2000/XP workstation to evaluate the Management Console. Simply create a folder on your computer's hard drive and share it as "NETLOGON". This will allow the Setup wizard to continue. After reviewing the Manager, we encourage you to install to your production domain. ScriptLogic can exist on your domain without being assigned to all your users -- assign it to as many or as few users that you require to complete your evaluation.

Q: I administer an NT 4.0 resource domain, and am unable to install Desktop Authority Express on the master domain's PDC, is there a way Desktop Authority Express can be installed to my resource domain only?
A: Yes, there are a number of methods for implementing Desktop Authority Express in a situation where an administrator does not have the full authority to assign the logon script to a given group of users. If this is your situation, we encourage you to contact our support department to discuss the method that is best suited for your requirements.

Q: Does Desktop Authority Express (or any component) need to be manually installed on each client?
A: Absolutely not! That would be hypocritical of a software product that is promoted by eliminating trips to each desktop. Simply install ScriptLogic, assign it to one or more users, and log on from a client. The Domain authentication process will ensure that ScriptLogic is executed from the authenticating DC's NETLOGON share. When ScriptLogic is executed on a client for the first time, it will automatically push ~2Mb of application files out to the client so that even less bandwidth is used by subsequent logons.

Q: I have downloaded and installed the Desktop Authority Express 30-day evaluation. Due to other projects, I was unable to complete my evaluation within the trial period. Can the trial period be extended?
A: Yes, we understand that 'networks happen.' Simply e-mail, call or from our web contact pages -- we'll be glad to issue an electronic code that will extend your trial time period.

Q: I'd like to purchase Desktop Authority Express. Will I have to uninstall the evaluation version and/or reinstall ScriptLogic once I purchase the appropriate license?
A: No, all that is required is to enter in the registration code you received with your purchase to convert the evaluation edition to the full product.

Q: Do I need to purchase a license for every user?
A: No, Desktop Authority Express is licensed per seat. This means you need to purchase a license for each computer attached to your network that will benefit from ScriptLogic. For example: if you have 260 computers that are shared by 400 users, you would only need to purchase 260 ScriptLogic Client Access Licenses (CALs).

Q: Our network consists of a mixture of conventional desktops and thin clients which attach to our Terminal Server farm. Do I need to purchase a Desktop Authority Express CAL for each thin client?
A: Yes, you would purchase a ScriptLogic CAL for each desktop and each thin client.

Q: Do I need to purchase a Desktop Authority Express CAL for my Domain Controllers and/or Member Servers?
A: No, ScriptLogic CALs only need to be purchased for each client.

Q: If I purchase a specific quantity of Desktop Authority Express CALs today, and need to add more in the future, what should I do?
A: Since Desktop Authority Express licensing is electronic, you simply purchase the additional licenses you need and you will receive a new registration code for the total number of licensees you now own.

Q: Will ScriptLogic inform me if my usage is getting close to, or has exceeded, the quantity of licenses I purchased?
A: Yes, the ScriptLogic Manager will automatically count and report the number of unique client computers using ScriptLogic when you utilise the log file viewer.

Q: What if I unknowingly exceed my license count?
A: Desktop Authority Express has a built-in thirty day 'grace period' and will inform you when you have exceeded your license count. During the grace period, ScriptLogic will not lock out unlicensed computers -- after all ScriptLogic was designed by network administrators for network administrators, and we know how critical ScriptLogic can be to your daily logon process.

Q: What is a configuration profile?
A: A profile is a collection of configuration entries that define a group of client settings. Each profile has its own client configuration settings, custom scripts, log file definitions, alerts and its own Validation Logic. The ability to have multiple configuration profiles is designed for mid to large size corporations, whether they are centralized or geographically diverse. Using profiles facilitates greater manageability and control over client configurations. Profiles also tend to speed up the overall logon process since they break down a large number of configuration settings into smaller, more manageable groups.

Q: What is the maintenance (subScription Advantage) agreement and am I required to purchase it?
A: The subScription Advantage is now included with your intial purchase for 12 months. The subScription Advantage is an agreement that includes free software updates and priority technical support direct from ScriptLogic Corporation during the term of the agreement. You have the option of purchasing two or three year term agreement at the time you purchase ScriptLogic.

Q: Can I still add the subScription Advantage to my purchase or is it too late?
A: Occasionally, some of our channel partners may forget to recommend the subScription Advantage agreement when quoting our software to potential customers. If you purchased ScriptLogic without the subScription Advantage, we will allow you to purchase the agreement within thirty (30) days of your original software purchase.

Q: How will I be notified when my subScription Advantage term expires?
A: The ScriptLogic Manager will notify you 45 days before the expiration of your agreement. You may also, at any time, view the expiration date of the agreement using the Help About option within the ScriptLogic Manager application. Additionally you will be notified via e-mail/fax/telephone prior to the expiration date of your subScription Advantage agreement.

Q: Will ScriptLogic still benefit me if my network is pure Windows 2000 and using Active Directory with Group Polices?
A: It's not a question of which approach is better, but rather how you should combine the products together to achieve the most manageable network you could hope to have. Read the white paper.

ScriptLogic - Winner of BEST SOFTWARE by Windows & .NET Magazine

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