As much as 65% of data loss is caused by accidental deletions, causing time, money and productivity to disappear with them. Because backups are not 100% reliable and do not protect data created between backups — searching to find lost files can be just as time-consuming as recreating the lost data.

Product Features

What Does Undelete 2.0 Do?

Undelete safely replaces the Windows recycle bin with a Recovery Bin™ that captures all deleted files, even ones that typically bypass the Recycle Bin. You can even recover files you purged from the Recovery Bin or ones deleted prior to installing Undelete. Emergency Undelete recovers files directly from the disk, if they have not already been written over.

Undelete 2.0 includes a fast and focused search capability which eliminates searching though pages of file listings. The same directory structure the file was deleted from is present in the Recovery Bin, so multiple files deleted from a single location can be recovered instantly.

Undelete 2.0 server version includes advanced functionality that allows the system administrator to connect to and run every other Undelete program installed throughout a Windows NT/2000 network. System administrators can remotely customize Undelete features such as exclusion lists and size of the Recovery Bin and can remotely view and recover all files contained in any NT/2000 Recovery Bin on the network.

Product Benefits

Misusing Backup Can Cost A Fortune.

Company records and database files are accidentally deleted every day. Before Undelete, system admins had to slog through backup tapes, hoping no corruption or gap made the file unrecoverable. Backup was really designed for catastrophic data lost recovery—not file by file recovery. Typically, file recovery from backup takes at least a half hour, when it can be scheduled. The substantial effort involved has always been considered the cost of doing business.

Instant Recovery, Low Cost Protection.

Undelete changes all that. It provides a cost-effective, instant recovery solution that completes a company’s overall data protection strategy and eliminates the high cost of going to backup.

There is a vital need for Undelete on every server in every company. Recently, the NY Times reported that accidental deletions accounted for $15 billion dollars in losses to corporations annually.

The advantages of Undelete over the Windows NT Recycle Bin

  • Undelete captures files deleted within applications—the Recycle Bin does not.
  • Undelete captures files deleted within the File Manager—the Recycle Bin does not.
  • Undelete captures files deleted from the Command Prompt—the Recycle Bin does not.
  • Undelete captures files deleted over the network—the Recycle Bin does not.
  • Undelete has the ability for you to determine which files are caught and which are not—the Recycle bin does not.
  • Windows NT does not have a native undelete facility to recover files that have been really deleted.

With Server and Workstation versions on your system, the fully network-enabled Recovery Bin will even capture files deleted from File Manager, the Command Line and any application. Now it's easy to recover accidentally deleted files fast. If the file isn't in the Recovery Bin, a Systems Administrator can use Undelete for Windows NT to scan every drive on the system that has Undelete for Windows NT installed and recover the file - right from their desk!

Undelete for Windows NT is also network security smart! Only the owner of a file or his system administrator can recover files from the Recovery Bin and only System Administrators can run Undelete for Windows NT From Disk functions. Undelete for Windows NT Server and Workstation versions fully support Windows NT privileges and permissions and complies with government C-2 Security.

In most cases, just one file recovery saves you more money than Undelete costs. Complete your backup solution, save time and money, give your data full-time protection. Buy Undelete today.

Product Requirements

OS Platform Supported
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows NT4 Server (SP4 or higher)
Windows NT4 Workstation (SP4 or higher)

Minimum Hardware Required
CPU Pentium 166
RAM 64
HD (Install) 4MB
HD (Operating) 4MB


Q: Will the Undelete Recovery Bin capture files that are overwritten, not deleted?
A: Undelete only captures files that have been deleted. It’s all about the application that you are using. If it deletes the file as a part of the overwrite of the file, then Undelete will capture that deletion.

In the case of Microsoft Excel, previous versions of a file are deleted every time a new version of the file is saved. The deleted versions have the exact same name and directory location as the current version. In the case of Microsoft Word, temporary versions of a file are made while the file is being worked on, and these temporary versions are deleted when the file is saved. These temporary versions are not located in the same directory, but are often in the ''TEMP'' directory, and have names that generally begin with ''~wr''. Other applications may or may not delete at the point of overwriting.

Q: What is the difference between Undelete Workstation and Undelete Server?
A: Undelete Server can be used to monitor and control Undelete on any system on the network. You must have Undelete licensed and installed on the other network system, but you can control it from an installation of Undelete Server.

The Workstation version of Undelete can only be loaded and run on a system running Windows NT Workstation or Windows 2000 Professional. Undelete Server must be licensed and installed on any system from which you wish to control remote systems. It does not matter whether that system is running Windows NT Server or Workstation, or any version of Windows 2000.

Q: I tried to restore a file that I had deleted prior to installing Undelete or Emergency Undelete, but was not successful.
A: Files that have been completely deleted (not moved to the recycle bin) can be overwritten. It is not possible to restore a deleted file after it has been overwritten.

The key to using Undelete is to have the software on the system before the file is deleted. This guarantees that you will be able to recover the file in question from the Recovery Bin, which will capture every file that is deleted and also may increase the likelihood that Undelete From Disk will be able to retrieve the fully deleted file intact. You will definitely be in better shape by purchasing Undelete, as you may find yourself in the same or similar situation in the future.

Q: I wanted to download Undelete, but the only downloadable item was something called "Deleted File Analysis Utility"
A: Go ahead and download this freeware that scans your hard drive partitions and list all deleted files that may still be recoverable. As an emergency recovery solution, it is intended as a first step and requires that you purchase Undelete 2.0 in order to recover any files you may want back.

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