UpdateEXPERT V6.3 is a research, inventory, deployment and now validation tool that enables systems administrators to fix security vulnerabilities and stability problems on their Windows NT/2000/2003 machines.


UpdateEXPERT (formerly SPQuery) features improved service pack and hotfix management capabilities.

Product Features

Do any of these statements apply to you?

Microsoft just released the latest security hotfixes for IIS and Windows 2000...I don't have time to write scripts and test them.

I need to know if the hotfix installations I deployed last month are still valid.

Since Microsoft's updates are not regular, I am forced to reprioritize my day, as well as figure out which ones apply to my machines.

I need to define what hotfixes are required and detect what machines conform to my policies.

UpdateEXPERT solves these and many more problems.

UpdateEXPERT now supports Windows XP and the following Microsoft applications.

  • IIS
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Internet Explorer
  • Media Player
  • Windows Media Services
  • Net Meeting
  • Office
  • Outlook

In addition to installing the updates, UpdateEXPERT will ensure that the update is correctly installed. This validation can be performed at any time and as part of the deployment process.

Required Updates
Users can designate updates as required. This enable users to manage hotfixes by policy. Users will define what updates are required with a click of the mouse. The sum of required updates equals the user's policies. Policies are used for many configuration parameters. Security and staging are just a couple of policy factors. Therefore, you will not confuse customers by narrowing the scope of policy management to these two factors.

Conformance Report
Users can run reports to verify policy adherence. This report makes it easy for users to see how the inventory matches up against what updates are required. Policy management is enforced by defining policy (with required Updates) and managing by exception those machines that are incomplete.

Evaluation note: This version of UpdateEXPERT will allow you to evaluate 5 machines for 15 days. Once 5 machines have been queried, any remaining machines will become inaccessible via UpdateEXPERT.

Product Benefits

UpdateEXPERT is a Windows® administration program that helps you secure your systems by remotely managing service packs and hotfixes. Microsoft® constantly releases updates for the OS AND mission critical applications, which fix security vulnerabilities and system stability problems. Supporting Windows NT, 2000 and XP, UpdateEXPERT empowers administrators to conduct research, take inventory, deploy updates and validate installations to networked machines.

UpdateEXPERT enhances security, keeps systems up to date, eliminates sneaker-net, improves system reliability and QoS. Try UpdateEXPERT for free today!

Did You Know…?

  • Most intrusions are easily avoided by deploying security hotfixes.
  • Microsoft releases updates constantly for Windows NT, 2000 and XP and mission critical applications.
  • Most updates fix security vulnerability bugs.
  • Other updates fix system stability problems.
  • Installations can be overwritten by "curious users" and other software installations.

Unless you know about them, you cannot keep up with these changes.

UpdateEXPERT will help you conduct research, take inventory, deploy these updates and validate installations from the comfort and ease of your own workstation.

Updating machines regularly is the only way to ensure that these problems with the OS and applications are addressed before lightning strikes.

With recent events of security intrusions throughout the world, many articles are available about hotfixes and their deployment. Here is a small sample for your information.

What You Can Do with UpdateEXPERT

  • Help secure systems by managing the deployment of security hotfixes.
  • Manage deployment of multiple updates to any number of machines.
  • Apply a global policy by defining required updates.
  • Research Knowledgebase articles from a categorized list of updates.
  • Get immediate notification when new updates are available.
  • Select what machines to manage from a wizard, which simplifies the process.
  • Take inventory at the press of a button and reveal what updates are present and missing.
  • Match required updates against current inventory with the Conformance Report.
  • Validate installations before, during and after deployment.
  • Receive complete, immediate feedback about the status of deployment jobs.
  • Use built-in, on-screen and printed reports.
  • UpdateEXPERT User Web is another exclusive feature.
  • Supports English, German, Spanish, Italian and French OS configurations from an English language console.

And So Much More...

Evaluation Suggestions

When evaluating a product like UpdateEXPERT, here are some points to remember.

UpdateEXPERT has the most comprehensive database in the industry. Our goal is to eliminate the need to go to Microsoft's Knowledgebase site for hotfixes and service packs.

UpdateEXPERT includes a "machine access" wizard. This exclusive feature makes it easy to manage thousands of machines simultaneously. Plus, you can manage machines with multiple user names and passwords.

UpdateEXPERT has the most categories for these updates in the industry. Our update specialists comb through the data to add these categories. This exclusive feature makes it easy to find any group of updates instantly.

Use the Required Updates feature to see how easy it is to make all of your systems conform appropriately to your policies.

Download UpdateEXPERT for free today, and try it for 15 days on five machines. You will find a complete evaluation guide in the exclusive UpdateEXPERT User Web.

Existing SPQuery v4.x users: You can download the live trial UpdateEXPERT from our website, and drop in your existing SPQuery serial number. This allows you to use UpdateEXPERT for OS updates only. (You will not have access to the additional application update tabs that other users get when they purchase an upgrade)

Images, Diagrams and Screen Shots

White Papers, Documents and Other Files

Product Requirements

OS Platform Supported
Windows 2003 Server
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows NT4 Server (SP4 or higher)
Windows NT4 Workstation (SP4 or higher)
Terminal Server Edition
SQL Server
MS Cluster Server

Minimum Hardware Required
CPU Pentium 200
RAM 64
HD (Install) 10MB

Additional Requirement Notes
IE 4.0 or higher, additional free space for Service Packs and Hotfixes you want to download


Q: What is UpdateEXPERT?
A: UpdateEXPERT is a hotfix and service pack security management utility that helps systems administrators keep their hotfixes and service packs up-to-date by analyzing which service packs and hotfixes are installed on the Windows 2000/NT and Terminal Server machines on their network, which ones are not installed and which ones are available.

UpdateEXPERT facilitates locating, downloading and installing the latest service packs and hotfixes. UpdateExpert eliminates the confusion and labor of maintaining hotfixes.

Q: Can I deploy multiple updates to more than one machine?
A: Yes. UpdateEXPERT is an enterprise level product. It is smart enough to know how to schedule the installation for each update individually or in a group. So, you can deploy one update to any number of machines or deploy multiple updates to any number of machines. It's that easy!

Q: How does UpdateEXPERT support various Windows language configurations?
A: When Windows is installed on a machine, it is configured for a primary language. UpdateEXPERT remotely recognizes this configuration setting and provides a list of updates based on this language. UpdateEXPERT supports (from an English language console) English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

Q: What is that little icon in my System Tray all about?
A: The UpdateEXPERT Team constantly checks for new updates. When new updates or changes to the database are discovered, our experts test the deployment of the updates so that quality is assured. Once testing is completed, we release a new database to your console from our host-site.

The UpdateEXPERT System Tray program periodically checks for these new databases so that you know instantly when new information has arrived. In addition, this program will automatically update your local database if you desire. If not, the icon in the System Tray will animate, thus telling you that a new database has arrived.

Q: What is the difference between download and locate?
A: Not all updates are intended for public consumption according to Microsoft. If the update is readily available, you will see the download option appear so that you may deploy the update as you see fit. When you must obtain the update from Microsoft Support, you must use the locate feature after unzipping the update from Microsoft Support. The locate feature may be used at any time (e.g., when you have the update on storage media, like CD-ROM, you can use the locate feature instead of download).

Q: What does one do with required updates?
A: Now, you can designate updates as required. This feature enables you to manage hotfixes by policy. One simply defines the required updates with a click of the mouse. The sum of required updates equals the policies. Policies are used for many configuration parameters. Plus, with one click of the mouse, you can deploy all required, missing updates to any combination of machines. UpdateEXPERT is smart enough to sort out the ugly details of deployment.

Conformance Report verifies policy adherence. This report makes it easy for you to see how the inventory matches up against required updates. Policy management is enforced by defining policy (with Required Updates) and managing by exception those machines that are missing these required updates.

Q: How does you test these updates? Do you guarantee performance of these updates?
A: We test the article link, download link, inventory parameters, validation parameters and installation parameters. Then, we test the deployment to ensure that the installation parameters are correct. The efficacy and the performance of the update is not tested. Once we confirm the installation is complete, the testing is stopped.

We cannot confirm if the update conforms to the specifications from the vendor. If the update is not functioning after the installation completed properly, we suggest that you notify the vendor.

Q: Why are obsolete updates listed?
A: Many of our customers search for specific updates by name or QArticle. In these cases, the customer may be confused about why an obsolete entry is missing. By including these entries, the customer answers all questions related to the research while simultaneously preventing damage to his/her systems, since the update is obsolete.

Q: How long does it take to add a newly released update to the database?
A: Our crack team of specialist comb the various download sites every hour. If a new entry is discovered, it is thoroughly investigated. The testing procedures are described above. If an old entry is missing or modified, these changes are re-confirmed. In all cases, additions and modifications are published in the form of new databases. The System Tray application can be used for automating the local database update process.

Q: Is this a full evaluation?
A: It is except for the fact that this version of UpdateEXPERT will allow you to evaluate 5 machines for 15 days. Once 5 machines have been queried, any remaining machines will become inaccessible via UpdateEXPERT.

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